Discover the brilliant trick to thread a needle without any headache, thanks to TikTok!

You have difficulties to thread your needles? Discover this viral trick found on that will revolutionize your daily life with a simple piece of paper!

The ultimate trick to thread a needle easily

Threading a needle has always been a frustrating step for many of us, especially when the opening is small. It's not uncommon to spend a long time trying to thread the needle without success. Fortunately, the rise of the Internet and social networks has made it easy to share of all kinds to make these tasks easier. Several simple and effective methods now make it possible to thread a needle without difficulty.

Some time ago, we had already presented you with a very simple and effective technique that consisted of gently rubbing the thread until it enters the needle. It happens almost instantly if you do it this way. However, if this method doesn't work for you, especially for needles with very small holes, we suggest another alternative trick that has also been making the buzz on TikTok, and which makes threading the thread very easy with the help of a simple piece of paper.

The paper trick revealed by a successful TikTokeuse

This tip comes to us from TikTokeuse @yolandavaquitayoli, a native of Grenada, who has more than 1.1 million subscribers on TikTok and regularly posts videos featuring various tips for household chores and other manual labor.

The paper trick explained step by step

As you can see in the video, to make this trick, all you need is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors and a few quick and easy steps. First, fold the piece of paper in half, making sure to mark the fold line. Then place the wire on that line. Then, close the paper completely with the wire inside, leaving some of the wire sticking out.

The next step is to take the scissors and cut diagonally to the end, including the final part of the thread that sticks out. Thus, the new tip of the wire will be inside the paper, near its corner edge. It will be very easy to insert this small part of the paper into the eye of the needle. Once you have done this, simply pinch this part of the paper that has gone in to pull out the thread, now threaded. Once the mission is accomplished and the thread is already in the hole, all that remains is to remove the paper.

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Enthusiastic reactions from TikTok users

Many TikTok users thanked @yolandavaquitayoli for this ingenious trick for threading needles. Some of the comments include, “I your technique,” “What a great trick,” and “You just saved my life.” There is no doubt that this method is worth considering for those who have difficulty threading the thread through the eye of the needle.

In short, thanks to this paper trick revealed by a talented TikTokeuse, threading a needle will never be a headache again. So don't hesitate to try it and share this revolutionary trick around you to make life easier for all those who struggle with their needles!

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