Discover the different types of couples you will meet throughout your life

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In recent months, social networks have been filled with new concepts and theories that break with the classic idea of romantic , and propose alternative ways of looking at and romance.

The most recent is a cosmic theory which dictates that throughout our lives, we can have up to four partners. Some will bring us happiness, others will inevitably be doomed to failure. But what this viral theory confirms is that all of them will be essential to our growth as people.

Karmic relationships: intense encounters that teach valuable lessons

This type of couple is characterized by its intensity. They are very passionate loves, but also very difficult to manage, and they come to us to leave us with a valuable lesson. Most likely, this romance will end up being a disappointment for you, but that's precisely part of the learning process.

In karmic relationships, spiritual aspiration increases. Those who experience them may come to perceive their emotions as if they belonged to the past, as if they had already experienced them at some point.

The reason for this connection lies in the existence of a debt between the two parties, a kind of contract between two souls from the past who in their present lives come together to learn from each other.

Similarly, these are couples in which there is a strong physical or mental attraction, and often those who share it don't think about the of the other, but rather develop abusive or dependent attitudes. Boundaries are not established and they bring out the worst in themselves, showing the insecurities that need to be worked on to live fully and make the next relationship healthy.

To overcome a karmic relationship, the first step is to be aware that you're in one, to accept all the emotions that intoxicate us and to embrace them, without judging them or trying to contain them. Only then is it possible to release the emotional charge generated by the relationship. And above all, we need to know how to forgive, to complete the cycle of the relationship and transform the mourning into something positive.

Kindred spirits: connections based on affinity

This concept refers to people who vibrate with the same frequency as us. Have you ever heard it said that “opposites attract”? Probably yes, and it's actually a statement that makes a lot of sense.

These relationships are driven by energy flows, and this explains why we sometimes feel attracted to people who don't match our prototype, but who are on the same energy level as us.

They are often characterized by a or interests similar to our own. They're people with whom there's a lot of affinity, but, despite the fact that everything seems “in place” in this type of couple, soul mates don't play a very important role in our growth as people.

Although we can count on their support and they accompany us on a daily basis, their presence in our lives is rather passive. With them, there will always be a voice inside us reminding us that no… Even if we wanted to, we're not going to find true love in them.

Soul mates: undeniable connections that nurture self-esteem

The myth of the better half, the Japanese legend that assures us there's someone connected to us by a red thread… In short, there are many occasions when we've been convinced there's someone, somewhere in the world, who was born to complete us.

When two soul mates meet, a whirlwind of emotions and experiences is generated that serves as a sample of this undeniable bond between them. They go beyond the couple, and it's that we can also have soul mates in our and in our circle of friends.

These relationships usually come after a karmic relationship and allow us to see that we too deserve love. In short, they are connections that enhance our self-esteem, and provide us with calm and comfort.

The dharmic couple: the ideal relationship based on serenity and happiness

This is the romance we should all aspire to, as it brings serenity and happiness into our lives. Those in this type of relationship reach a maximum degree of complicity: both have had similar experiences and are at the ideal moment to be a couple.

Dharmic couples base their growth on peace, stability and dialogue. There are virtually no conflicts between its members, and when there are, they are able to resolve them easily because is essential to them and this happens naturally.

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