Discover the foolproof method to thread a needle in an instant, that everyone ignores!

Are you tired of spending hours trying to thread a needle? This Viral tip on will revolutionize the way you sew! Don't miss this new technique that will save you time and patience.

The secret to threading a needle in the blink of an eye

Threading a needle is an essential part of any sewing process, whether you are creating, repairing or darning garments or other accessories. It is a gesture that consists of passing the thread through the eye of the needle, but not everyone has the dexterity to succeed on the first try. It is common to struggle to get the thread through such a small hole, and it is quite normal to have to go over and over again before getting it right.

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid these difficulties. A video that has gone viral on TikTok reveals an incredibly simple method for threading a needle in one chrono second, which will probably work if you follow the instructions to the letter.

The TikTok that will revolutionize your sewing

The TikTok in question reveals to us, in just a few seconds, a trick that each of us can easily perform whenever necessary. “We've had it all wrong from the start” The video explains, but now you will know how to thread a needle correctly, quickly and conveniently.

Rubbing to thread

As you can see in the video (in Spanish), and as the voice-over explains, “to pass the thread through the hole, you just have to rub it a few times on it, and it will eventually go in by itself”. Indeed, as soon as you start rubbing, the thread penetrates by itself in the eye of the needle without difficulty. This video, already viral on TikTok with nearly 15 million views.

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The thread enters by itself by rubbing on the eye

“You just have to rub the thread on the eye a few times and it will eventually go in,” several TikTok users testify in the comments. “Where was this video when I was studying sewing?” “My grandmother would say this information is worth ” or “It's true, my shop teacher showed it to me”, add others. However, some point out that this trick is not as foolproof for smaller , although it may depend on one's skill and practice. In any case, we recommend you try it, as it could save you a lot of time and hassle.

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