Discover the incredible trick to dress babies quickly and that makes the buzz on TikTok

Newborns are fragile and need a lot of care, especially to change them regularly, because they get dirty easily. This tip will help you to do it quickly and without stress

Dressing and undressing babies: a real challenge for parents

In the first few weeks of life, it is necessary to dress and undress babies many times, which is not always appreciated by them. As time goes by, it becomes a task that is done almost with your closed, but in the beginning it can be complicated, especially for novice parents.

Newborns are very delicate, and it is normal to take more time to dress and undress them to avoid hurting them when putting on their clothes. When they are very small, they usually do not protest and are easily changed. However, as they get older, they roll around in their crib, cry, wriggle and get in the way, making this task much more difficult.

Keep calm and discover tips to make dressing easier

It is essential not to lose patience, because this situation requires a lot of patience from adults. That's why it is useful to know some and to dress and change babies, and put on the most complicated clothes without problems. This way, this moment will be a little more pleasant for both of them.

@honeycombapp_ Ever feel like you are breaking babies arm by trying to push them through the tiny sleeves? Here's a hack for you – flip the sleeve inside out and put your own arm through first, then catch the babies cute fingers, and pull through. we swear it's 1 million times faster. #NewMomTips
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A good technique: roll up the sleeves

Among the suggestions to consider, the first is to find a suitable place with a comfortable but firm surface. Ideally, this should be on a changing table with a mattress and convenient drawers to have the baby's wipes, sponge, cream, diapers and clothes within reach, which should be practical and comfortable. In addition, it is important that the room is at room temperature.

It is essential to have a good technique and follow the proper order to change clothes. With this in mind, the account @honeycombapp_, specializing in tips for moms, published a very useful video that has gone Viral on social networks, with 1.4 million views.Viral on social networks, with 1.4 million views.

The video asks the question, “Have you ever felt like you were breaking your baby's arms trying to put them through tiny sleeves?” . The suggested trick is to turn the sleeve inside out by first passing the adult's arm inside to turn it inside out, then grab the baby's hand and insert it in just a few seconds. “We swear it's a million times faster,” they assure.

Dressing and undressing babies can be a real challenge for parents, especially when they are new to the process. However, by keeping calm and applying simple tricks, such as the sleeve-flipping trick suggested by the TikTok account @honeycombapp_, this task can become faster and less stressful for parents and babies. Don't hesitate to try this technique to make your daily routine easier and make these moments more enjoyable for you and your child.

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