Discover the infallible tips of a TikTokeuse to stop suffering in high heels

High heels, a real dilemma for many people. They sublimate the silhouette, but can also cause serious discomfort. A TikTokeuse reveals her for wearing heels without pain or discomfort.

High heels: a double-edged love

The high heels are a must in the wardrobe of many women. They have this power to sublimate the silhouette and to harmonize perfectly with a multitude of outfits. However, wearing them for long hours can be a real ordeal. They are often uncomfortable and can cause serious pain and injury to the feet.

Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips to relieve this painful feeling and minimize the impact of heels on our bodies. Paula Arroyo, a Spanish TikTokeuse, shares some of these tips that can help us wear heels without risking our .

Tips from a TikTokeuse to wear heels without pain

She confides that she too suffered from the negative effects of heels. But today, she has found solutions to no longer feel pain. She says she wore the shoes she shows in her video (which are her own brand, as she reveals at the end of the video) for two days at the Jerez Fair, more than 16 hours each day, and “held on, without a single injury”.

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Tips for softening the effects of heels

To soften the effects of heels and avoid pain, Paula Arroyo gives two tips that she considers very effective. You can combine them for maximum .

She recommends using an anti-chafing stick, also known as an anti-friction stick, to protect your feet from rubbing against shoe straps. By applying the contents of the stick to your foot, you will prevent the rubbing from your shoe straps from causing you too much pain. It's important to keep it in your purse, and apply more to the areas of your foot that need it if you feel the straps starting to mark you.

Specifically for the sole of the foot, she advises using ibuprofen roll-on. It helps prevent bone pain if you apply it directly to the foot before you go out. You can also keep it in your purse, in case you start to feel pain and need to apply more.

Simple solutions for optimal comfort in heels

In short, Paula's tips consist of using an anti-chafing ‘stick' and ibuprofen in a ‘roll-on'. Both products are very affordable and easy to carry. We hope these tips can help you alleviate the pain caused by heels.

However, another option, of course, is to choose another type of shoes that are more comfortable and kind to your feet. After all, well-being comes first, even before . So don't hesitate to explore other options and find the right between and comfort.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel good in your shoes, literally and figuratively. So don't forget to take care of your feet, because they carry you all day. And now, with Paula's tips, you can do it in style and without pain.

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