Discover the infallible trick of a TikTokeuse to make all your clothes fit in your suitcase!

You're going on a trip and don't know how to make all your clothes fit in your suitcase? Don't look any further, a TikTokeuse has found the miracle solution for you! In this article, we reveal you her great trick, which will make the happiness of your next escapades.

The joys and sorrows of travel preparations

Vacations are synonymous with happiness and relaxation. It's finally time to rest after a long day at work, to recharge your batteries and discover new horizons or return to places you've already cherished. But before you can fully enjoy these moments, you have to go through an essential step: packing your suitcase.

The preparation of the suitcase is often a headache for many of us, and it is not uncommon to put it off until the last minute. Doubts accumulate when it comes to choosing what to take: “What if it rains?”, “What if I go swimming?”, “What if it's cold?”, “What if I want to jog? As a result, we end up carrying a multitude of clothes, shoes and accessories for every possible situation, even if some of these outfits end up coming home intact.

The secret to a well-organized suitcase

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: the use of vacuum bags. Noe Garsa user, shared a video a few months ago showing how she managed to pack her suitcase to go to South Korea with this trick.

In her video entitled “How I packed my suitcase to go to South Korea” Noe explains how she did it: she first placed her clothes in vacuum bags, then used a hand pump to extract the air. This quick and easy method saves a lot of space in the suitcase.

A trick that makes the buzz

Noe's post was a big hit and quickly went viral, with over 830,000 views and 66,000 “likes”. Thanks to this tip, it is now possible to store all your clothes in a minimum of space and have a well organized suitcase. Be careful though, clothes packed in this way will probably be more wrinkled than usual. It is also essential not to forget the manual pump to be able to repeat the operation when returning from a trip.

So, ready to try this trick for your next trip? This ingenious method will allow you to save time and organize your suitcase without stress. Don't forget that, despite some minor like slightly wrinkled clothes, this tip will allow you to lighter and enjoy your upcoming adventures. Enjoy your trip!

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