Discover the Lavish and Pricey Neighborhoods Across America by State!

Discover the most in America! From the mountainous suburb of Mountain Brook, Alabama to the beachfront enclave of Manalapan, , these neighborhoods boast some of the highest home prices in the nation.

Researchers at CashNetUSA analyzed Zillow listings across the to determine the most expensive neighborhoods in each state, as well as the most expensive neighborhoods overall. Here is a look at some of the priciest neighborhoods across the country.

Kodiak, Alaska: A secluded paradise with average home prices at $930,569

Hot Springs, Arkansas: A hot spot for hot springs and upscale amenities with an average home price of $1,002,782

Ranch, Arizona: A master-planned community with a luxurious country club and an average home price of $8,566,589

Beverly Hills Gateway, : A star-studded neighborhood with an average home price just shy of $23 million

Snowmass, Colorado: An alternative to the billionaires' playground of Aspen with an average home price of $23,568,750

Old Greenwich, Connecticut: A charming suburban neighborhood with waterfront views and an average home price of $4,078,905

Bethany , Delaware: A beach destination with fetching the highest prices, with an average home price of $1,349,419

Manalapan, Florida: The most expensive neighborhood in America, spanning two land areas and boasting an average home price of $39,761,000

Other Florida neighborhoods that made the top 10 include Palm Island, with an average house price of $27.6 million, and Port Royal, with an average house price of $22 million. Bel Air and Trousdale Estates, both in Beverly Hills, California, also made the top 10.

These neighborhoods offer an array of amenities and luxuries, from historic landmarks and top-rated schools to waterfront views and lavish shopping and dining. While their home prices may be out of reach for most Americans, they offer a glimpse into the lifestyles of the ultra-rich.

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