Discover the most honest zodiac sign according to astrologers: are you on the list?

Have you always wanted to know which sign is the most honest according to astrologers? Prepare to be surprised by discovering our classification of the astrological signs from the most direct to the most virtuous. Say goodbye to lies and make way for honesty!

6 – Pisces : a touching honesty

“The most compassionate zodiac sign and one of the worst liars,” is how Sophie Won describes Pisces. Indeed, their emotional and sensitive nature leads them to be open and sincere in their relationships with others. Stina Garbis, astrologer and tarot expert, agrees, saying that Pisceans are “authentic and open about what they feel and think,” even though they can sometimes be naive in expecting the same honesty from others.

5 – Aries: honesty at all times

Aries is a sign that doesn't see the point in lying. According to Sophie Won, these people are “very direct and straightforward in their approach, with an ‘I don't care' attitude. Rachel Clare confirms this analysis by explaining that Aries people do not try to spare the feelings of others when they feel the truth needs to be told. An Aries will be the perfect friend to give you a straightforward opinion, even if it's a little rough.

4 – : professional honesty

Capricorns are individuals who are very focused on their professional ambitions and have no time for lies and rumors. According to Rachel Clare, “Capricorns feel it is their duty to be 100% honest in everything they say and do,” due to the influence of Saturn, the planet of rules and responsibilities. However, their honesty can sometimes manifest itself in the form of judgment, especially at work, making them “brutally honest” according to Stina Garbis.

3 – : balance and truth

Librans are known for seeking balance in all areas of their lives, including honesty. According to Sophie Won, “honesty is a big part of what they idealize in their perfectly balanced world. Librans also seek to please everyone, which drives them to maintain a level of honesty with those around them. Stina Garbis points out that when they have to tell difficult truths, Librans do so tactfully, without offending or being blunt. Indeed, they rely on their analytical side to “help look at your life honestly and give another perspective that is not biased.”

2 – Aquarius: the relentless quest for truth

Aquarius is a sign that doesn't believe in telling little lies to keep the peace. Stina Garbis explains that Aquarius is “the hyper-rational, truth-seeker of the zodiac,” to the point where they will do anything to prove their honesty. Part of the reason for this openness is their intelligence, which makes them willing to share their wisdom and knowledge without restraint. Even if asked to keep their mouths shut, they will find it hard not to speak their mind.

1 – : honesty in the service of trust

Finally, Cancer tops our ranking of the most honest . Their main goal is to gain the trust of their loved ones, which makes them transparent and sincere. Sophie Won states that Cancers are “bad at lying and hiding the truth”. However, their honesty can sometimes be tinged with passivity-aggressiveness, when they seek to protect the feelings of others. In this case, they always have the best intentions.

Each zodiac sign has its own way of expressing honesty, some being more direct and others more concerned about the feelings of others. Remember that “honesty is the best policy”, and this applies to all zodiac signs!

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