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Taking care of household appliances is a basic and fundamental task that everyone needs to perform to avoid scares and big unexpected . If doing the laundry is tedious enough, breaking the washing machine in the middle of the process is the worst thing that can happen to us.

One of the challenges we all face when doing laundry is making sure our clothes smell good when they come out of the washing machine. To achieve this, it's essential to ensure that our machine is healthy, kept in good condition and doesn't become a source of unpleasant odours.

How to make your laundry smell good with fruit

When we want to make our laundry smell special, the conventional ally is to use a fabric softener that has some sort of aroma. However, there's a way to achieve an even greater result without resorting to any chemicals, and all in a much more natural way.

Sometimes washing machines give off a bad smell because of their continuous use and the dirt that can accumulate in their nooks and crannies. But also because detergent build-up sometimes occurs inside the washing machine and down the drain. One way to avoid these unpleasant situations is to use . Or rather, its juice.

To achieve all this, there's an infallible trick that we're revealing now because of its importance, and that is that the washing machine has become one of the most essential in the home. Nobody wants to wash their clothes by hand anymore. So, even if it means a lot of tedious work, there are some that are essential to ensure that this task always has a satisfactory result.

This is a fairly effective option and a good substitute for the usual fabric softener that everyone uses for their washing machine and clothes. It also works as a natural antibacterial and deodorant agent.

What other alternatives are there for cleaning the drawer?

Despite the fact that the star tip is to mix lemon juice with wine vinegar, there are other tricks for the drawer of our washing machine and thus getting a good smell when washing. The most common is to use as a cleaner. One tablespoon in a liter of water is usually enough. Pour it into the drawer, leave it to act for half an hour, then rinse again and leave to dry.

Yet there's nothing like lemon for this type of job, since it's the star ingredient for keeping your washing machine clean and in good condition. In addition to mixing with vinegar, you can also use a liter of this juice with a few tablespoons of fine salt. This mixture ensures that the appliance is completely disinfected and ready for use for a long time to come.

Bonus tip

As well as using lemon juice, there's another trick to make your laundry smell fresh out of the washing machine: add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to a cloth or cotton ball. Place the cotton ball in the washing machine with your clothes, and you're done!

Taking care of your washing machine is essential to avoid unpleasant odors and unexpected expenses. By using natural products such as lemon and wine vinegar, you can preserve the of your appliance while ensuring your laundry smells nice and clean.

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