Discover the revolutionary feature that will change your life on WhatsApp!

will soon make it easier to transfer chats between cell phones. Gone is the current method of saving to Drive! By 2023, WhatsApp will offer a new option for transferring chats, directly from the app.

This is a great advantage for users, as transfers will become easier and more direct. In this article, find out everything you need to know about this new WhatsApp chat transfer mode, and how it will change the way you transfer your conversations from one phone to another.

Goodbye Google Drive: chat transfers will become easier

WhatsApp is currently working on its own method of transferring chats, without depending on Google's services. Users will soon be able to this feature, which will make it easy to transfer conversations between two Android phones. With a single click, a QR code will be generated on the new device, which can then be scanned with the old phone. The transfer will then begin instantly, and all photos, videos, and messages will be transferred directly to the new device.

The process will be fast, although it will depend on the size of the WhatsApp backup. And the biggest advantage? WhatsApp will no longer depend on Google's services to perform transfers, which means that many users will be able to avoid using them for their chat transfers.

Easier and faster: the new way to transfer WhatsApp chats

With this new WhatsApp chats transfer method, it will no longer be necessary to make a backup on Google Drive before transferring the conversations to the new device. This means that the time to download the backup will be significantly reduced. When you switch to your new device, everything will already be transferred, and ready to use.

In addition, this method will make transferring chats much easier. No need to depend on Google to transfer messages. This new option will offer more freedom and autonomy to users to transfer their conversations.

So the new method of transferring WhatsApp chats is great news for Android users who want to switch cell phones. It will offer more simplicity, speed and autonomy to transfer conversations from one phone to another, directly from the application.

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