Discover the secret of aluminum foil that speeds up your ironing!

Iron your clothes in the blink of an eye thanks to a surprising trick: aluminium foil!

There isn't a in Spain that doesn't have this great ally for preserving all kinds of and for conveniently storing sandwiches and snacks. There's no doubt that aluminum foil is a kitchen ally, but did you know that you can also use it to save time when ironing clothes? Yes, that's right. This simple, thin and totally malleable aluminium foil can be your ally when ironing clothes at home. As well as saving you time, it will make your clothes perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free.

The aluminium foil trick that saves ironing time

To put this trick to the , simply remove the cover that covers the ironing board and cover it with aluminum foil, leaving the excess on the outside. Do this and replace the cover. With this tip, you'll make ironing much easier and quicker, as you'll reduce the effort and time needed to iron your clothes without creases. The reason aluminum foil is useful is that it has a great capacity to reflect heat, which makes ironing much more efficient and acts as a second iron, helping to smooth clothes on the side not being ironed directly and making it unnecessary to turn them over to iron the other side. This double ironing effect removes wrinkles from garments in less time, thanks to the fact that it receives heat from both sides. What are you waiting for to put it into practice?

Aluminium foil, a great ally for iron cleaning

Aluminium foil is distinguished by the many uses associated with it. It's well known that it can also be used for other such as sharpening scissors, , polishing silver, cleaning the oven and as a scouring pad for frying pans, but did you know that it can also help you remove dirt from the iron? Over time, irons often become loaded with fabric residues and dirt. To remove them, the best thing to do is to heat the iron slightly and put a little fine salt on the aluminum foil. Then simply slide the iron over it and the dirt will disappear. Once your iron is completely clean, you're ready to put the time-saving foil trick to the test.

How do I position the shiny part of the foil?

But for this ironing trick to work, should the shiny side of the foil face outwards or inwards? The answer to this question is that for this trick to work, it's important that the shiny side faces outwards, but what's the real difference between the shiny and matt sides of aluminium foil? Manufacturers claim that the only difference is visual, because contrary to popular belief, neither side generates more heat than the other or is more toxic, but rather what differentiates them comes from their manufacturing process and strength. This is how both layers of paper pass through the laminator at the same time. In this last part of the manufacturing process, the aim is to make the paper thinner and thinner, but in the final stages, the paper can tear more easily. For ironing, two sheets of paper are therefore passed together through the rollers to reduce the risk of tearing and to make the side in contact with the rollers glossier. Follow the topics that interest you.

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