Discover the secrets to a perfect lawn: get rid of weeds in no time!

Tired of seeing those unwanted weeds invade your lawn? Follow our advice to get rid of weeds and get a lawn worthy of the most beautiful postcards!

Weeds: the invasive plants that ruin your lawn

The main weeds found in our gardens are threadwort (Veronica filiformis), chickweed (Stellaria), white clover (Trifolium), dandelion and plantains. Once called “weeds”, they are now called weeds, because they tend to proliferate at the expense of the grasses that are sown to create a beautiful lawn.

These unwanted weeds can quickly become a nightmare for lovers of well-kept gardens. But don't worry, we'll give you the keys to eradicating them and getting your lawn back in shape!

Mow regularly: the secret to a weed-free lawn

The first step in maintaining a weed-free lawn is to mow regularly. It is essential to start mowing in mid-March or early April. Mow once a week, maintaining a mowing height of 4 cm. At the beginning and end of the , don't hesitate to mow twice a week for optimal results. For an always impeccable lawn, opt for a robotic mower that will do the work for you.

By mowing regularly, you'll prevent weeds from and taking over your lawn. In addition, a well-maintained lawn is more resistant to weed attacks.

Fertilize and scarify: two preventive actions to keep your lawn healthy

The best way to control weeds is to adopt preventive practices, such as . Providing nutrients to your lawn early in the spring will help keep it healthy and resistant to weeds. Don't forget to scarify your lawn if you notice moss and thatch. This operation will help to aerate the soil and eliminate these undesirable elements.

If the moss is particularly invasive, you can apply a ferrous sulfate-based product. This preparation is effective in destroying moss quickly without damaging the lawn. This will keep your lawn healthy and prevent weeds from growing.

Pull and reseed: a manual solution for optimal control

Another method of controlling unwanted is to pull them out by hand. By systematically removing dandelions and plantains with their roots before they bloom, you will greatly reduce their presence in just two years. Use an old knife or a root puller to make this task easier. Place the pulled weeds in a pile that will become humus and use it to enrich your soil.

After pulling the weeds, consider replenishing the holes that have formed with sod. This step will give your lawn an even, green appearance. By combining all of these , you will be able to eliminate weeds from your lawn and regain a lawn worthy of the most beautiful gardens!

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