Discover the Serene Six: Unearth the Calming Qualities of These 6 Dog Breeds

Portrait Dogue de Bordeaux. Dog mastiff pet.

If some dogs will spend the day running around, it will not be the case of these six breeds of dogs who will all be of an Olympian calm.

Indeed, these last ones possess a temperament which will be rather relaxed in the everyday life.

The Bullmastiff, among the breeds of dog that are of an Olympian calm

The that eats a lot Bullmastiff will surprise you with its very zen temperament. Indeed, even if this dog is very imposing, he will not be the type to jump around and make the circus at home.

It will be rather the opposite. So it won't really surprise you to learn that the Bullmastiff is one of the breeds of dog that will be calm in any situation.

English Mastiff dog

The Great Dane, a dog that is able to channel itself

The dog that does not come from very far German Mastiff is rather very easy to recognize. With his size, he will have a lot of trouble to go unnoticed. As for his character, it should not be a problem for you.

Indeed, it is a dog with a balanced temperament and which will be rather serene in everyday life. You don't have to worry about that. Thus, the Great Dane is one of the breeds of dog that will be of a calm Olympian.

Great dane at sunset park

The Pug, one of the breeds of dog that is of an Olympian calm

The rather light breed of the Pug has a very low stamina. It is thus a dog which will be immediately tired and out of breath. He is not really very athletic. Moreover, it will not be a big fan of the outside.

This dog will be able to live very well in an apartment. This will prove to you that the Pug will be very calm all day long.

The Dogue de Bordeaux, a rather peaceful dog breed

The French Dogue de Bordeaux is a breed with which the cohabitation should not be too complicated. It is a dog that will be very close to its master and will need to spend a lot of time in his company.

It must be said that the Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the breeds of dog that will always be of an Olympian calm. He will have no trouble channeling his emotions when he is at home.

Portrait Dogue de Bordeaux. Dog mastiff pet.

The French Bulldog, a dog that will never be very agitated

The successful French Bulldog breed will not really be the type to run around all the time. He is more the type to spend the afternoon on the sofa. Apartment life will therefore suit him without any problem.

Moreover, you will probably have already understood that the French Bulldog is also one of the breeds of dog that are all of an Olympian calm. The French Bulldog will a lot throughout the day, and even at night. This is a specificity that is unique to the breed.

a black dog of the french bulldog breed

The Saint Bernard, a dog breed that sleeps a lot

The brave Saint Bernard dog will not be very impressionable. It is a curious breed that will not be easily frightened. The Saint Bernard is also a dog that will spend a lot of time sleeping when it is at home.

It's quite simple, this one will sleep as much as a . This will show you that the Saint Bernard is one of the dog breeds that will be very calm. Once asleep, you can make noise next to him, he will not wake up.

A close up of a large, Saint Bernard dog in the sunshine.

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