Discover the Top 8 Snake-Repellent Plants You Need to Know About for a Safer Life!

How to Keep Out of Your Yard: 8 You Need to Know About

While honey badgers and bald eagles may be formidable foes to the snake, nothing beats a good selection of snake-repellent plants to keep these slithery reptiles out of your yard and garden. These plants can be categorized into two types: physical and olfactory, with the former having an uncomfortable surface for snakes to slither on, and the latter having an offensive smell that repels them. Here are eight must-have snake-repellent plants according to pest experts.

Snake Plant

Also known as mother-in-law's tongue, the 's sharp and stiff leaves make it an uninviting surface for snakes to move on, hence its reputation as a snake-repellent plant. The low-maintenance succulent is great for plant novices and looks almost like a snake itself!


Recognizable by their red berries and prickly leaves, holly plants are easy for snakes to avoid due to their unpleasant texture. For additional snake repellent, try spreading holly leaves around your yard.


Not just a pretty addition to your yard, contain a chemical called pyrethrum that repels snakes. This natural chemical is deadly to snakes, and can also be extracted and used as a natural insecticide.


release a strong odor that many snakes find offensive, making them an effective snake-repellent plant. They are also a popular insect repellent.


Snakes cannot stand the smell of , making it a great plant to line the edges of patios and garden perimeters. Wormwood, which can range from two to three feet in size, can also physically obstruct snakes.


smells amazing to humans, but repulsive to snakes. It can also be grown indoors if needed.


Strong-smelling is another plant that some believe repels snakes. Planting garlic around your garden or using garlic-based sprays may provide some deterrence.


The citronella aroma of lemongrass is often used in insect repellants, and snakes can't stand its smell. This herb is a great addition to any yard to keep snakes away.

While planting snake-repellent plants can help ward off snakes, maintaining a clean yard is essential to keeping them away. Regular lawn maintenance and removing debris and clutter can make your yard less appealing to these reptiles. Remember, if you have a persistent problem with snakes, consult with a expert.

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