Discover the two unpublished secrets of a psychiatrist to sleep peacefully

You can't at night anymore? Don't despair, we share with you two unstoppable methods to improve your sleep and find serene nights. Follow our advice and say goodbye to !

Insomnia: a real scourge for our health

It is important to understand the issues surrounding insomnia. This sleep disorder affects millions of people and makes us more tired and less efficient during the day. Unfortunately, we often tend to look for quick fixes like sleeping pills and melatonin, instead of identifying the root cause of our insomnia.

A mental expert has helped many people improve their without medication. He points out that one of the main obstacles to sleep is thinking too much, especially negative thoughts.

How negative thoughts can disrupt our sleep

Negative thoughts are even more harmful at night. When we go to bed, everything is quiet and we find a moment of peace. But instead of taking advantage of this time to relax, we start to replay all our problems, leading to a spiral of negativity and catastrophizing. Moreover, our brain works against us: once it starts thinking, it seeks to consolidate these thoughts and it becomes difficult to stop.

The solution is to take two steps to get rid of negative thoughts and get back to restful sleep. Here is how to put this effective method into practice:

Step 1: The “emotional worry” moment

The first step is to set aside 15 minutes a day, preferably in the afternoon, for an “emotional worry” moment. During this time, calmly reflect on all the problems and difficulties that have accumulated during the day, as well as anything that causes you anxiety and worry.

By practicing this method, you will learn to better manage your negative thoughts and channel them into a specific time of the day, so that they do not disturb your sleep.

Step 2: The list of problems and solutions

The second step is to make a list of all of these concerns and problems, and then write down, next to them, the solution you have found. You can come up with several solutions to the same problem or, instead of a final solution, write down the first steps to solve that situation. You don't have to solve all the conflicts in the world in one afternoon.

If you wish, you can look at this list the next day. Some people simply feel better by writing down everything that is bothering them. This quick and easy method is worth a try. If practiced regularly, it can become a very effective daily routine to combat insomnia.

Adopt these tips for restful sleep

With these valuable , you can finally say goodbye to insomnia and get back to peaceful nights. By following these two simple steps, you will be able to get rid of negative thoughts and get a good night's sleep, without having to resort to medication. So, don't hesitate any longer and adopt these tips now for a quality sleep!

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