Discover the viral secret for effortlessly restoring the radiance of your sheets and towels!

Few sensations are as pleasant and enjoyable as having freshly washed clothes that smell clean.

However, sometimes this task can become complicated, with traces of detergent, stains or dirt persisting on clothes, especially if we overload the washing machine. But what if we told you that there was a simple technique to get rid of these problems and get your clothes back to the impeccable condition they used to be in Spanish laundries?

Stripping, the cleaning method that's all the rage on TikTok

Laundrystripping is what this technique is known for on social networks, particularly on . Millions of people have discovered and adopted this trick, which involves soaking clothes and fabrics in a bathtub with hot water and specific cleaning products. In the videos that are flooding the platform, strangers can be seen plunging their dirty clothes and rags into this magical mixture and leaving them to soak for several hours. In the end, the clothes come out as good as new, free of all impurities.

How do I do stripping? Follow the guide!

The stripping method is actually very simple to achieve. Just follow these simple steps and your clothes will be clean and fresh:

1. Prepare soaking mixture: in a bathtub or large container, pour hot water and add borax, and hand-wash detergent. Mix gently to dissolve the powders.

2. Soak clothes: immerse clothes in water and make sure they are completely submerged. Leave them to soak for four to five hours, stirring occasionally to help remove dirt.

3. Rinse: after the soaking time, remove the garments from the tub and drain the water. Then wash the garments in the washing machine using a detergent-free rinse cycle, and dry as usual.

Why use the stripping method?

This method is particularly recommended for sheets and towels, as these tend to accumulate body oils and detergent residues more quickly. If you notice that your towels are less absorbent than before, or that your sheets remain dirty even after several washes, it's time to try stripping. However, be careful not to use this method on colored, delicate or embroidered garments, as it could discolor them.

Other tips for a perfect wash

In general, by adopting good washing practices at home, you can prevent dirt build-up on your clothes without needing to resort to stripping. Here are a few more for consistently clean clothes:

  • Use a suitable detergent for deep cleaning.
  • Do not overload the washing machine to allow clothes to circulate properly.
  • Follow the dosing recommendations for detergent and fabric softener according to load size and degree of soiling.
  • If there is excessive foam in the drum, run a second rinse cycle and clean your washing machine regularly.
  • Sort your clothes properly to prevent dirt from transferring to other items.

Now that you know all the secrets to a perfect wash, no garment will be able to resist you! Follow our tips and say goodbye to detergent marks and stubborn stains.

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