Discover three amazing tricks to turn your old pillowcases into household allies

Your old pillowcases have much more to offer than just against night-time perspiration. Discover how these linen essentials can become real allies in organizing and your home.

1. Get Out Your Old Pillowcases to Organize Your Wardrobe

Don't know where to store your linens or clothes? Pillowcases can be a surprisingly effective solution. After each wash, dry your sheets and mattress covers, then store them inside a pillowcase. This will save you the trouble of searching for missing or taking up excessive space in your wardrobe.

Not only will this make your wardrobe more organized, but it can also be an innovative way of storing household items, such as rarely-used utensils, tablecloths or out-of- clothes.

2. Turn Your Pillowcase into a Cleaning Tool

Take the dust out of your home with your old pillowcases. They can be transformed into a kind of “feather duster” ideal for cleaning those inaccessible corners of the house you can't reach with a cloth. Simply cover the end of a broom with the pillowcase to create an effective cleaning tool.

As well as being a solution for dusting hard-to-reach areas, a pillowcase can also be used to clean the floor more superficially than a vacuum cleaner would.

3. Keep Your Pet's Bed Clean

If you have a pet, an old pillowcase can be a great help in keeping its sleeping space clean. Simply place the pillowcase on your pet's bed to catch any hair he may leave behind or dirt he may bring in from his walks. This will save you from having to constantly clean up the mess.

These simple, effective reveal new life for your pillowcases, and prove that there's much more to this linen than just a guarantee of a clean, pleasant night's .

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