Discover TikTok’s viral hack to efficiently clean your kitchen sink’s drain

Are you tired of the dirt and bad odors that accumulate in your 's drain? Check out this revolutionary tip shared by a user that will help you clean your drain in no time, without calling a plumber!

Dirt and bad odors are the enemy of your sink

Daily sink worries: The kitchen sink is an essential part of our daily lives, but it can quickly become a nightmare because of the dirt and scale that accumulates on its surface. Plus, inside the drain, grease and other waste accumulate, making even more complicated.

Adverse consequences: When we wash dishes, scraps, grease, oil and other waste accumulate on the surface of the sink. Although we clean it regularly with cleaning products and a cloth, some of this waste eventually seeps down the drain, creating a disgusting layer of dirt and rotting food. In addition, the constant moisture promotes mold growth inside the trap and pipes. Finally, the odor that emanates from this part of the kitchen can be very unpleasant.

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The TikTok hack for a clean and odorless siphon

Clean without the help of a professional: Most of us only think to take action when the pipes are clogged, calling a plumber to clean the dirt and pay a well-deserved bill. However, there is a way to clean the sink trap without having to call a professional or wait for years of gunk to accumulate. TikTok user La Reina del Dato shared a video showing how to easily take apart and clean the sink trap.

Steps to effective cleaning: First, remove the piece screwed to the sink through which the dirt gets in. In the video, the TikTokeuse shows how to do this using the filter found on some sinks. If you don't have one, you can simply use a screwdriver. Once the trap is removed, sprinkle generously on and in the trap.

The second step is to soak the whole thing in white vinegar, this classic combination will cause an effervescent reaction. Leave it for half an hour, then rinse with hot water and scrub until the dirt is completely removed. If the trap is still dirty after the first attempt, repeat the steps with the baking soda and vinegar until all the dirt is gone.

Watch out for escaping water

An important warning: As the TikTokeuse points out in her video, when she cleaned the bicarbonate and vinegar combination with hot water, the water began to leak through the plumbing. Removing the piece from the trap creates a hole through which the water escapes, which can cause a mess in the kitchen.

: If you decide to use this trick, it's best to place a bucket underneath to catch the water you pour out. This way, you'll avoid splashing and flooding, while enjoying a clean, odor-free drain with this revolutionary TikTok tip!

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