Discover what the color of your lipstick says about you!

Whether you prefer matte nude lips or something shiny and glossy, your choice of lipstick can say a lot about your .

Often, it's one of the first things others notice about you. “The color of your lipstick says a lot about your mood without you having to say anything,” explains Nina Vargas, stylist and business strategist for brands. Curious what kind of impression your makeup preferences make? Keep reading to hear from Vargas and other beauty experts on what your lipstick color says about you.

If you prefer neutral or nude shades, you may appear shy and reserved at first. But that doesn't mean you don't put thought and effort into your look. “Choosing a lipstick closer to your natural lip color can mean you want to be taken seriously without making too much of a statement,” explains Vargas. Aimee Carr, makeup artist and founder of Maquillage vaudou, adds that there's also a practical element to this choice. A neutral base color can work with any color of clothing or occasion.

Wearing lipstick immediately signals that you want to be noticed. “These color choices often signal power,” explains Vargas. Elizabeth Kosich, founder of Elizabeth Kosich Stylisme, describes people who choose lipstick as confident, passionate and fierce. Don't be surprised to find a CEO wearing bold red lips or to notice that your outgoing, social friend has made it his signature shade.

If you opt for a light pink lipstick, others might naturally trust you more. “Pink lips channel our inner nurturer and project a caring, gentle and kind image,” shares Kosich. However, choosing a bright pink shows a playful side or perhaps even flirtatiousness. Carr describes this color choice as vivid and says you'd probably choose it if you were trying to bulk up your look.

Opting for a light gloss or no color at all says a lot about your personality. “A person without lip color is a simple, no-nonsense, no-frills person who doesn't beat around the bush, curry favor or dress to impress,” Kosich explains. “Instead, they express what they think without apology and expect others to take it or leave it.” If you go the gloss route, you'll get that touch of brilliance effortlessly. This choice signals a person on the go who is far too busy to spend time applying lipstick.

A bright purple lip gloss? An almost black lipstick? If you choose original lipstick colors, you'll probably like to stand out. “When someone uses a bright color for their lips, it shows they're not afraid to express themselves,” says makeup artist Élaina Badro. And Vargas adds that big, garish colors imply that you're fun and outgoing.

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