Discover which zodiac sign is the most reliable for leading

The famous Friends theme song “I'll Be There For You”, sung by the Rembrandts, is not only catchy, but has the energy you want in a friendship or relationship. Some people will always be there for you, no matter what.

Whether your car breaks down or you need someone to water your , these people are always trustworthy. Maybe they just like to help, but their horoscope could also be a factor. Keep reading to discover the most reliable , ranging from a little stable to downright dependable.

Taureans are known for their constancy, resilience and loyalty. They think carefully and value security. Rodriguez sees them as the embodiment of reliability. “Their energy is ‘ride or die' and if they know something is important to you, they won't let you down,” says DeGolia. In addition to their unwavering loyalty, these earth signs don't believe in giving up thanks to their stubborn streak. “Whether it's a promise to a friend or a task at work, a will never back down until they've fulfilled their commitment,” adds Rodriguez.

“If you have a big vision, ask a to help you make sense of the whole picture,” says Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and astrologer at Fresh Start Register. They're the most reliable when it comes to putting all the pieces together, and they have a wealth of knowledge to help you. Sagging energy is unique in that they're quite optimistic. They may be a little lacking when it comes to committing to something long-term – thanks to their wanderlust – but they always want to support you no matter what.

Grounded earth panels are exceptionally practical. “Their analytical nature and meticulous approach to everything they do ensures that they are reliable and trustworthy,” says Rodriguez. Whether you need help with something at work or want to decompress from life, Virgos will be by your side every step of the way. And in a crisis, they'll have no problem staying calm.

Cancers are natural nurturers, so it's no surprise that they're probably among the most reliable people in your life. DeGolia says they're always attentive to other people's needs and ready to throw a whole just to celebrate you. They also like to be needed. While their actions benefit you in the long run, understand that they also have personal motives in mind.

Scorpios are quite reliable, but you need to get to know them first. Although they can be secretive and mysterious with most people, once they've formed a relationship with someone, their loyalty and devotion are unmatched. “Once a lets you in, they'll become a powerful ally,” says Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Votre Zodiaque. They'll protect you at all costs and will even go so far as to take revenge or hold a grudge against anyone who has wronged you.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules , so when this sign has your back, there's no doubt they'll go all out. DeGolia explains that their reliability stems from the fact that helping someone else helps them, too. “It's the whole, ‘when you get better, I have a better mentality,'” she says. Their inflexible need to please people may also be at play, but these air signs are excellent communicators and will always have your back.

There are several signs that stand out for their dependability and ability to be there for you in all circumstances. From stable and loyal Taureans to optimistic Sagittarians who are always ready to help, these signs can be a real blessing in your life. So, whether you need a shoulder to lean on or support with big projects, you can count on these signs to be there for you.

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