Discovery of a mysterious black wolf in the United States: a rare and fascinating phenomenon video

A mysterious lone black wolf was filmed in the heart of the Minnesota snows, where less than 2% of wolves sport such a color. The video quickly made the rounds of social networks, arousing the wonder of Internet users.

The discovery of a rare and lonely black wolf

The animal kingdom is incredibly diverse, with a multitude of species and varieties spread across the globe. Some are more common than others, but there are specimens so rare that it is extremely difficult to observe them.

Such is the case with the all-black wolves. Although many wolves in North America have areas of black on their bodies, it is very rare to find one with an all-black coat. In addition, the population of these wolves has declined over time due to interbreeding with other wolves. Today, it is estimated that they represent less than 2% of the wolf population in Minnesota (USA).

That's why the discovery of a lone black wolf in the Minnesota snow, captured by a hidden camera, generated a lot of interest. The video quickly went viral on social networks, captivating admirers of these animals.

A project to study wolves in Minnesota

The images were recorded by a camera of the Voyageurs Wolf Project, an initiative of the University of Minnesota to study and better understand the nature and behavior of wolves in the state's ecosystem. As they explain themselves, their specific goal is to “understand the predatory behavior and reproductive ecology of wolves.”

“We rarely see black wolves in our area, so to see this black wolf with its seemingly bushy coat, especially around its legs and feet, was incredible,” they enthusiastically state accompanying their social post, where the animal can be seen walking through a snowy landscape.

According to their details, they are currently studying 19 different wolf packs, but none of them has a black member. Therefore, the discovery of this lone black member was a real surprise to them. It seems that it just happened to be there, without being part of a specific pack.

A fascinating video despite the quality

The only regret expressed by the researchers is that “the quality of the video is not the best”, explaining that they work with cameras that were donated to the project. However, looking at the images, it is difficult to complain, because the magnificent black wolf is clearly visible up close, and in all its majesty.

The project members were thrilled to film such a rare and unique specimen.

“It is a very beautiful wolf” It almost looks like it knows it's being filmed” and “wolves are mythical creatures that we are lucky enough to coexist with” are just some of the comments from people who were fascinated by this vision. This exceptional discovery reminds us of the richness and diversity of the animal world, and underlines the importance of research and preservation of rare species like the mysterious black wolf.

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