Do You Know Who You Shouldn’t Date According To Your Sign? An Astrology Pro Tells All About The Least Compatible Couples!

Looking for romantic guidance? A professional astrologer has the answers! Whether you're single or in a relationship, understanding which signs are most compatible with yours can help you find love or get more out of your current relationship. Knowing which signs to avoid dating can also save you from plenty of heartache.

What is Compatibility Based on in Astrology?

Compatibility between two people is based on their Sun Sign, the sign of the zodiac that the sun was occupying at their time of birth. This is why understanding someone's sign is so important when determining if they're right for you. Professional astrologers usually look at all of the planets in an individual's natal chart and use it to analyze their potential compatibility with other signs.

What Are the Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs?

Here's a look at the five zodiac signs that are most incompatible, according to an astrologer. It's important to keep in mind that any two signs could be compatible given enough effort and care. However, it's best to avoid these particular combinations, especially if you're looking for something serious and long-term.

Aries & Cancer

and have very different ways of expressing themselves. Aries are typically outgoing, spontaneous, and action oriented while Cancers tend to be more introspective and emotional. This means they won't always be able to understand one another's needs or perspectives. As a result, this can cause a lot of tension and even resentment in the relationship.

Gemini & Scorpio

Geminis and Scorpios have opposing personalities. Geminis are known for being adaptable, chatty, and witty while Scorpios are more intense, passionate, and possessive. These opposite qualities can often lead to disagreements and leave both parties feeling frustrated. Although there may be brief moments of excitement, this is not a relationship that will stand the of time.

Pisces & Aries

Aries and Pisces don't make a great pair. Aries need to take charge and need lots of stimulation, which can be overwhelming for a Pisces. Pisces, on the other hand, like to take things slow and need lots of reassurance, which can be too much for an independent Aries. There may be some sparks of chemistry between these two, but in the end, it's unlikely they'll be able to meet each other's needs.

Cancer & Gemini

Another difficult pairing is Cancer and . Cancers are sensitive and loyal while Geminis are more outgoing and flaky. This can create a lot of misunderstandings as Cancers can feel abandoned by Geminis and Geminis can feel suffocated by Cancers. Unless these two can find common ground and compromise, it's likely this won't be a successful match.

Scorpio & Pisces

Finally, we have and Pisces. While these two can be highly compatible, their differences can easily tip the scales in the wrong direction. Scorpios are strong-willed and passionate while Pisces are gentle and sensitive. These two can easily clash over matters of opinion and values, creating a lot of conflict in the relationship.

Relationships Between Incompatible Signs Can Still Work

No matter what combination of signs you're dealing with, between incompatible signs can still work. The key is to understand each other's differences, respect them, and learn how to bridge the gap. Here are a few to help you maintain a healthy relationship with an incompatible sign:

  • Be patient – give yourself time to adjust to each other's energy.
  • Communicate – talk openly about issues that arise and how you can work through them together.
  • Compromise – come up with creative solutions to ensure both of you get what you want.
  • Practice empathy – try to see things from their perspective.
  • Focus on shared interests – spend time doing activities you both enjoy.

If you're willing to put in the effort, you can make any relationship work. All it takes is an open mind, patience, and a little bit of understanding.

Determining whether two zodiac signs are compatible is no easy task. Professional astrologers can provide insight into which signs are most likely to be successful long-term and which signs should be avoided. Ultimately, however, it's up to you to decide what type of relationships you're interested in and which ones will help you reach your goals. Keep in mind that any relationship takes work, regardless of how compatible the two signs are.

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