Don’t know which fruits to eat before exercising? We have the answer

If you have recently taken up sport, it may be to lead a more active and healthy life. In this case, you should not forget the , one of the essential pillars and the best accompaniment to feel better.

These two elements work best when we see them as part of a whole, a way of looking at life that is better for us and our .

Exercise and go hand in hand, one helping us to move our bodies and the other to have the energy to do so. Therefore, choosing the foods that are best for us at any given time can be a way to improve the results we want to achieve. If you're thinking about increasing your intake, you may be wondering which fruits are best for when you want to work out.

In general, it is recommended to eat a few hours before exercise, as well as a few hours after. Failure to do so can reduce athletic performance and lead to muscle cramps. Fruits are an excellent choice in this case because, if we eat them before, they improve our performance and after, they help us recover the we have eliminated.

The most energetic fruits for exercise

All fruits are good and we can all incorporate them into our diet, but if we want to select the ones that can give us more energy during training, things change. Many of them are perfect to be consumed before or during the workout (it all depends on the needs of each person and how they feel most comfortable), but also after.

For example, the banana is one of those fruits that is perfect to eat after exercise. It is very convenient to eat, so perfect to take during training, it is also rich in magnesium, which helps to reduce fatigue, because it helps to release energy gradually. It is also rich in potassium, which prevents muscle cramps and helps to recover after training.

Oranges, like other citrus fruits, are rich in vitamin C, which promotes exercise tolerance during exercise. It is also antioxidant and beneficial to the immune system, improves iron absorption and also prevents . Apples are always a good choice because they are one of the most complete fruits, with , and minerals. Moreover, if we eat them with the , we can lose more weight.

Red fruits are rich in antioxidants, which can prevent the increase of free radicals in our body and, therefore, the premature oxidation of cells. Strawberries, in particular, help us produce collagen, which strengthens our bones and muscles. We can also add to this list avocados, which are rich in fatty acids and proteins.

Other fruits such as pineapple provide us with vitamins C, B1 and B6, as well as folic acid; melon and watermelon are ideal for their high water content, which helps maintain good hydration, something we don't always take into account. We sometimes think that only water helps maintain hydration, but fruit can be a great ally.

In general, it's recommended to eat low-glycemic fruits before training, such as apples, pears, kiwis, strawberries or oranges. It's also best to eat whole fruits rather than fruit juices. To avoid getting bored, mix it up and make a delicious fruit salad with your favorite fruits.

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