End of commercial success and no more new consoles to come?

has announced that sales of its flagship handheld console, the Nintendo Switch, have begun to slow down and that sales targets have not been met.

Last fiscal year, the company revised its sales target to 18 million units from the original 21 million, but failed to meet them by shipping only 17.97 million consoles in the 12-month period. Nintendo has now set its sales forecast for the current fiscal year at 15 million units, suggesting that the Switch is finally starting to lose steam.

Nintendo Switch 2: when can we expect a new console?

However, although sales of the Nintendo Switch are slowing down, the company has no plans to launch a new console at the moment. In fact, according to a Bloomberg reportNintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the company's next generation of hardware is not planned for the current fiscal year.

Looking ahead, then, it's unlikely that we'll hear from Nintendo before April 2024. However, a possible reveal could come during the announcement season that typically runs between June and July or at the September 2024 Nintendo Direct, the month in which Nintendo normally airs its pre-recorded announcement program. Either way, the launch of Nintendo's new system could happen during the 2024 holiday season.

Is the Nintendo Switch really running out of steam?

While sales of the Switch have slowed, that doesn't necessarily mean the console is dying. In fact, the Switch launched in 2017 and has already shipped over 125 million units, making it one of the most popular consoles of all time. In addition, Nintendo continues to release new games for the system, making it as appealing to gamers as ever.

In addition, Nintendo recently released an updated version of the Switch, the Switch OLED, with a larger screen and better performance, which suggests that the company continues to support the handheld and has no plans to replace it any time soon. It also means that current Switch owners can continue to enjoy their console for a while longer before they need to consider an upgrade.

Ultimately, while sales of the Nintendo Switch are slowing down, that doesn't mean the console is dying. With updates and new games in development, it's that Nintendo is continuing to support the Switch for the foreseeable future. We may have to wait a while before we see a new console from Nintendo, but for now, the Switch remains a popular and appealing portable console for all gamers.

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