Essential questions to ask on your first day on the job: how to survive and integrate into your new company

Congratulations! You've finally landed your dream job. However, your real challenge starts now: it's time to prove yourself professionally and personally. Find out what questions you need to ask your boss and co-workers in order to successfully integrate from day one.

Understanding expectations and responsibilities: don't be afraid to ask questions

Determining what is expected of you is paramount to your successful integration. According to Life Hacker reporter Meredith Dietz, it's important to identify your responsibilities and become familiar with the , jokes and humor of your colleagues. Be a good observer and stay aware of how people interact with each other, both professionally and informally.

At first, it's normal to feel awkward and not yet know your precise role. But gradually, you will become familiar with the work flow and informal behaviors. Don't be afraid to ask questions, even ones that may seem obvious: “How often do these meetings take place?”, “When do you typically take breaks?”, “What are the project delivery times?”. It's better to be direct than to remain uncertain and make mistakes later.

Work schedules and free time: find out the team's habits

Find out about work schedules, lunch breaks and possible overtime. It may seem trivial, but verbalizing and taking this information into account is essential to your successful integration.

Use discretion and don't bombard your colleagues or superiors with questions and suggestions. Everything has its time and place. Also, make sure you understand the feedback process from the beginning to avoid surprises. According to Dietz, it's important to be aware of “informal” evaluations and reviews that will occur without notice.

Corporate culture and work ethic: learning over time

Finally, don't forget to learn about the corporate culture and ethics that govern your profession and your new company. This is often the most difficult step, as it requires time and observation. Also consider learning about the ethical behaviors expected in your with your colleagues.

Respect, teamwork and anti-harassment are key elements to consider. You will only be able to fully understand them after a few days or even weeks at the company. Remember that these aspects are just as important as your professional skills and can greatly influence your experience and success in your new position.

Your first day on the job is a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for a successful integration into your new company. Don't be afraid to ask your boss and co-workers pertinent questions to better understand expectations, responsibilities and company culture. Adopt an open and attentive attitude, and take the time to familiarize yourself with your new work environment. The success of your integration will depend largely on your ability to adapt and integrate into your new team.

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