Experts reveal the top five reasons for infidelity in a romantic relationship

is a phenomenon that can be caused by various factors, since, according to , there are a series of motivations that can drive a man or woman to cheat on his or her partner.

In this sense, it's worth knowing the five circumstances in which a person is unfaithful.

Low self-esteem

One of the circumstances that often cause infidelity within a couple is linked to a feeling of low self-esteem. In fact, various psychological studies suggest that men who suffer from this may seek affirmation in the attention of others outside the relationship.

It's precisely this lack of that can drive them to commit infidelity in order to get that recognition they need to feel good about themselves. Thanks to infidelity, they can receive a temporary boost to their self-esteem.

This phenomenon causes them a positive reaction by boosting their self-esteem, but at the same time it's a big problem, since far from being a one-off event, they're likely to re-offend and be unfaithful to their partner again, once they've been able to verify that they feel better about themselves and valued by others. So the chances of it happening again increase, along with the damage it can do to the other in the couple.

Desire for novelty and variety

Some men and women succumb to infidelity simply because they are unable to control their desires. These are people who may feel a great inner attraction because of the thrill of starting a new relationship and the novelties this entails, such as getting to know another person on all levels, especially in the sexual realm.

On a large number of occasions, infidelity occurs after a couple's relationship has fallen into monotony or routine, either in terms of the activities the two do together, or sexually. This monotony and lack of novelty can lead to a search for different experiences away from the relationship.

This is one of the most frequent circumstances, so when it comes to couple problems, it's always advisable to try to bet on and try to find new experiences that motivate both members of the couple, so that This flame that is necessary for any relationship to be able to sustain itself over time will never be extinguished. However, this will depend to a large extent on the of each member of the couple and their ability to function in this area, where there should be no problem in letting the couple know what they need.

Relationship dissatisfaction

Among the five circumstances that can lead a person to be unfaithful to their partner is dissatisfaction with the relationship they're in. When a person reaches a point where they begin to have doubts or consider that they are not entirely happy or fully satisfied with their current relationship, they may become more attracted to seeking another sexual-affective relationship.

This dissatisfaction can arise for a variety of reasons, whether due to dissatisfaction with emotional intimacy, or the sexual relationship itself. In any case, when one party in a relationship begins to feel that there is a lack of chemistry with their partner, the chances of committing infidelity increase, as this can lead to emotional or physical disconnection.

Opportunities and availability

Another factor that favors infidelity is opportunities and availability for sexual encounters or extramarital . In other words, it happens when a person has the opportunity to be unfaithful to their partner, which can happen in a variety of ways.

There are people who have the opportunity to maintain sporadic contact after meeting another on the same day, arousing an interest (often physical and sexual) that leads them to consider the opportunity, or because it has been The result of continuous contact over time, such as a colleague or collaborator, the relationship reaching a point where the connection is such that it is seen as an opportunity to go further.

Personal factors

Last but not least, we find personal factors that can lead a person to commit infidelity. Although we often don't think about it, , past experiences and one's own beliefs can greatly influence the occurrence of infidelity.

It has been shown that those who have grown up in environments where infidelity has occurred, as well as those who have had past experiences related to it (even while being the party affected by the infidelity), are more likely to “cuckold” their partner .

Finally, let's remember that infidelity should be understood as anything that concerns the person who decides not to respect the couple's agreement, so it will never be the fault of the one who respects the other party. A healthy bond must be sought within the couple, where respect and fidelity reign.

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