Fed up with birds messing up your window? Try these amazing methods to keep them at bay!

Pigeons and other birds can sometimes be a nuisance in the home, but fortunately there are several simple to keep them away from your window.

One popular trick is to use aluminum foil, which has been proven effective in keeping birds away. Find out how to use this and other alternatives to live more serenely in your home.

The aluminum foil trick against pigeons

You may have noticed that lately a lot of people are putting aluminum foil on the window, and you wonder why they do it. Behind it is the solution to a really annoying problem that needs to be tackled.

In this sense, more and more people are aware of a very useful trick for within the home, and it's based on the use of aluminum foil. It's a very useful material in the , used, among other things, to line oven trays, to cook dishes on the barbecue and for other purposes too.

You may not know it, but if you put a generous layer of aluminum on the railing, you'll finally be able to get rid of pigeons and other birds. For this reason, this use has become popular in recent years, as it's a very simple, quick and cheap remedy.

The purpose of aluminum foil is none other than to keep birds away from your railing or window, giving you greater peace of mind and improving the situation in your domestic environment. When the sun's rays fall on the foil, they'll reflect and greatly disturb the birds, which will flee the area.

Other ways to scare pigeons away from the window

In addition to resorting to the use of aluminum foil, there are other useful alternatives for scaring pigeons away from the window, which you should be aware of as well as some recommendations :

Visual repellents

Bearing in mind that the owl is one of the predators that pigeons are most afraid of, buying and installing a visual repellent based on this animal is one of the most effective techniques that can be put into practice to try and get rid of the troublesome pigeons that come to the windows or terraces of our homes.

The CD trick

One of the cheapest and most effective strategies for getting rid of these birds is to go back to the well-known CD trick. To do this, simply hang old CDs on the windowsill, balcony or roof, which, when the sun's rays fall on them, emit reflections that are very annoying to these birds and prevent them from landing, unaffected by them, do no harm.

These discs can also be replaced by ribbons, balloons or any other object producing the same visual effect.

Ultrasonic devices

Another option, although in this case less economical and therefore not suitable for all budgets, is to resort to the use of ultrasonic devices, apart from the fact that these are somewhat invasive. The installation of these devices is effective, and although they cause no harm to the pigeons, they provoke a sensation of alarm in them that acts as a deterrent. For humans, it's inaudible.

Water and spice

Spices and birds aren't very good friends, so you have the option of making a solution of water and cayenne pepper, chilli pepper or another type of spice and, later, using a sprayer, spray the balcony, terrace or windowsill. This is a good technique for scaring off these birds.

Eliminate all food sources

Pigeons are omnivorous animals and will eat anything that comes their way. One of the most important recommendations you can make is to eliminate all sources near your window or terrace, as this will reduce the likelihood of pigeons coming to rest near your home.

Pigeon spikes

One of the most effective solutions is to place a system of anti-pigeon spikes in areas where they usually roost, such as indoor patios, windows, terraces, balconies…, to reduce the chances of them landing.

These are strips with spikes and spikes that keep buildings and cornices safe from this type of bird, being adaptable to all types of construction.

Sloped cladding

Pigeons to perch on smooth surfaces, so an effective way of keeping them away from your window is to choose to install sloped cladding, as this will prevent them from perching as they can't stand or walk. The ideal angle is between 40 and 60 degrees to be effective.


Another ideal option for preventing pigeons and other birds from roosting on our cornices, windows, balconies, etc., is to use netting. Although they may not be aesthetically pleasing, they are effective, and are even a good measure to further protect who might live there.

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