Find out how to achieve a weed-free lawn in a few simple steps!

In this article, we reveal the secrets of how to control these intruders that disrupt the harmony of your lawn. Follow our advice and turn your garden into a green oasis!

Weeds: the undesirables that invade your lawn

The main weeds that harm your lawn are threadwort (Veronica filiformis), chickweed (Stellaria), white clover (Trifolium) which spreads through its runners, dandelion and plantains. Once called “weeds”, they are now considered to be weeds.

It is important to identify these weeds to better control them and keep your lawn looking uniform and green.

Regular mowing: the key to a weed-free lawn

The first step to a perfect lawn is regular mowing. Your mower should be ready for use by mid-March or early April. It is recommended to mow once a week at a height of 4 cm. At the beginning and end of , don't hesitate to mow twice a week.

To keep your lawn impeccable at all times, consider investing in a mowing robot that will greatly simplify your life.

Fertilization and scarification: allies for a healthy lawn

is a preventive action against the proliferation of weeds. It helps the lawn maintain its vitality and better resist the invasion of weeds. The first application of nutrients should be made in early spring.

If you notice that moss and thatch have spread through your lawn, it's time to use a scarifier. If there is a lot of moss, you can also apply a ferrous sulfate product that will quickly destroy the moss without damaging the lawn.

Pulling and overseeding: an effective method to eradicate weeds

Hand-pulling unwanted is also an option that should not be overlooked. Systematically remove dandelions and plantains with their roots before they bloom. Within two years, you'll see a dramatic reduction in their presence. To do this, use an old knife or a root or a root puller.

After pulling, place the pulled grass on a pile that will turn into humus and fill the holes formed with overseeding grass. This method will keep your lawn looking uniform while eliminating unwanted weeds.

By applying these and , you'll be able to maintain an impeccable, weed-free lawn and give your garden the greenery it needs. Don't wait any longer, put these simple steps into practice and watch your lawn metamorphose before your !

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