Find out how to check for an intruder on your Instagram account!

Are you worried that someone has accessed your account? Don't panic, we guide you through the new features to find out if a stranger has managed to get into your account and how to stop them!

Instagram: a seemingly safe social network

Instagram has managed to position itself as one of the seemingly safest platforms, with a low rate of false information dissemination, little hate speech, and relatively tolerable spam. Compared to other social networks like or , Instagram seems like more than friendly territory. Nevertheless, it's important to remember that Instagram is part of the ecosystem and is undergoing some changes to fully integrate with Facebook.

Among these changes is the Account Center, a key element for the interconnection between the two platforms, especially regarding their authentication credentials. Before, it was relatively simple to access Instagram's configuration menu to quickly check active sessions. But today, that has become more complicated. Don't worry, we're here to help you find that hidden option!

How to use Instagram's Account Center to detect intrusions?

Follow these simple steps to check if a stranger has access to your Instagram account:

  • Open Instagram in a web browser and log in.
  • Select the Profile option in the left sidebar and click or tap the settings icon at the top of the Instagram profile page to pull down the Settings menu.
  • Several options will appear. Choose Settings and Privacy.
  • At the top of this section, you will see the Account Center as the first option.
  • Enter this section and go to Password and .
  • Under the list of options, you will find the Security Controls section.
  • Click or tap on “Where you are logged in”.
  • You will then see a list of all active sessions on your Instagram account.

Once in this section, check to make sure that all sessions match your own devices. If you see any active sessions that shouldn't be, you can close them directly from this interface. We also recommend that you always enable login alerts and two-step verification to enhance your account security.

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