Find out the 32 mind-blowing things guys do that drive girls wild

When it comes to what women find sexy in a man, physical appearance often plays a big role. However, there are many other factors that contribute to attraction, such as and indicators.

We consulted relationship experts to find out the things guys do that girls . Read on to discover what makes a big impression on women, from the power of a man's hands to his ability to communicate effectively.

1. Show off your hands:

According to Samantha of Best Kept Secret, women find strong, vascular hands incredibly attractive. These hands symbolize strength and make women fantasize about them holding and caressing her.

2. Wear black:

Contrary to popular belief, wearing black is far from boring. Ashley Grader, a beauty expert, explains that black represents power and authority. Wearing black can subconsciously make you appear strong and in charge, that are often considered attractive.

3. Or wear red:

Another power color that can make men look sexier is red. A study published in the Journal of Experimental found that women perceive men to be more attractive and sexually desirable when seen on a red background or wearing red clothing. Red is associated with love, desire, and evokes feelings of attraction and arousal.

4. Wear musky cologne:

Apart from appearance, how you smell can greatly influence how attractive a woman finds you. Experts suggest that musky scents, with warm and earthy undertones like sandalwood and patchouli, can increase your sex appeal. These scents make you come off as grounded, comfortable to be around, and sophisticated.

5. Stand up straight:

Slouching can make men appear less attractive to women. To grab their attention, it's important to stand tall with your feet slightly less than shoulder-width apart, hands easily by your side, shoulders back, and chin parallel to the floor. This confident stance can make a significant difference in how women perceive you.

6. Flex those glutes and abs:

If you've been hitting the gym, pay attention to your abdominal and gluteus muscles. According to a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, women prefer larger obliques, followed by glutes, abdominals, biceps, and shoulders.

7. But don't stress about being overly muscular:

Contrary to popular belief, most women are not attracted to an overly muscular physique. They prefer a fit but not overtly muscular body, often referred to as a “soccer build.” So, focus on maintaining a balanced physique rather than excessively bulking up.

8. Keep a little stubble on your face:

Next time you shave, consider leaving a little stubble. Research suggests that women find heavy stubble the most attractive, followed by light stubble, full beards, and clean-shaven faces. Experiment and find the level of facial hair that suits you best.

9. And make sure your chest hair is groomed:

When it comes to body hair, is key. According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, men with body hair were generally perceived as less attractive than those who were clean-shaven. However, some hair around the areolae, pectoral region, and sternum was found to be significantly more attractive than being completely hairless.

10. But be proud of your body no matter what:

Confidence is the sexiest trait a man can possess. Whether you have a full chest of hair or a little extra cushion in your midsection, what matters most is being healthy and proud of your body. Taking care of your physical appearance and showing confidence in your body enhances attraction and self-assurance.

11. Play the guitar:

If you can strum a tune, you're likely to make a woman swoon. A poll conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair found that 26 percent of American adults believed the guitar is the sexiest instrument.

12. Drive a black pickup truck:

According to a survey conducted by, 32 percent of women find men driving pickup trucks most attractive. Additionally, women overwhelmingly associate the color black with good-looking men.

13. Hold babies:

A man who interacts well with sends a subconscious signal to women that he would be a great father. This interaction melts women's hearts and enhances their attraction.

14. Bring your dog along:

If you're going for a walk, don't hesitate to bring your furry companion. Studies have found that women perceive pet owners as more attractive. Having a in your photo on a dating app also increases your chances of getting more matches.

15. Go to therapy:

Women find it irresistible when a man embraces his vulnerabilities and takes charge of his mental . Opening up about mental and confronting fears shows strength and maturity.

Understanding what women find attractive goes beyond physical appearance. It includes factors like body language, grooming habits, and personal traits. By paying attention to these aspects, men can make a big impression on women. So, whether it's showcasing strong hands, wearing the right color, or exuding confidence, there are various ways for men to be more attractive to women.

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