Find out why playing an instrument is sexy and which instruments are the most seductive!

The mystery is finally unveiled: why are some musical instruments so seductive and what are the preferences according to gender and age? In this article you will discover why the guitar or the saxophone make their players so attractive and what is the ranking of the sexiest instruments. So, are you ready to become the next seductive virtuoso?

The secret of seduction through music

The key to being attractive on a dating app is often to post a picture of yourself playing a musical instrument. This shows that you are both sensitive and creative. If you are single and looking to please more people, it's time to learn to play an instrument. There are many choices: guitar, piano, cello, bass, drums… But don't forget to take into account the seductive effect that the instrument will have on others. Thus, it is important to choose an instrument that suits you, but also that attracts the attention of others.

“Historically, playing the guitar has been considered cool thanks to bands and artists.”

Sexiest instruments according to a survey

According to a survey of 1,017 American adults, the most attractive musical instrument is the guitar, with about 26% of the votes. The reason is simple: most famous artists and musicians play this instrument, which creates an unconscious link with the attraction felt for these and the emotions associated with their music.

Tom Fontana, guitarist and music teacher, says, “Playing the guitar has always been considered cool for decades because of iconic bands and artists. I think it lends a certain mystique, giving people who play it a glow of genius, like they're in a rock club or something. Playing covers of popular bands has the added effect of associating you with them.” Needless to say, the classic Wonderwall cover never fails to make an impact, just like other songs.

Saxophone and piano, the other instruments of seduction

The saxophone is considered the sexiest instrument by 25% of respondents, followed closely by the piano (21%), the violin (14%), the drums (7%) and the flute (5%). The results vary, however, depending on the age and gender of the respondents.

Women ranked the guitar as the sexiest instrument (28%), followed by the saxophone (25%). For men, the results were reversed, with the saxophone perceived as the most attractive (25%), followed by the guitar (24%). One can assume that playing the saxophone evokes a certain sexual stereotype that is easy to imagine. Older people consider the saxophone to be the most attractive instrument, while younger people prefer the guitar.

Why is playing an instrument so sexy?

So what makes musical instruments so attractive when looking for love? “Playing an instrument is attractive because it demonstrates , talent and devotion, desirable characteristics in a person,” explains Jason Shiers, an American psychotherapist. “The most attractive instruments are probably the most popular because of their flexibility and presence in pop music.” Ultimately, as the expert points out, “it all comes down to individual preferences and cultural context.”

Now that you know which instruments are the sexiest, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and start learning to become the coveted seductive virtuoso!

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