Find three rabbits on the picture: this visual test will put your intelligence and reflexes to the test, be careful, you only have 7 seconds

The brain always needs to be stimulated. So, we propose you a which consists in finding three rabbits on this picture.

Intelligence tests to sharpen the brain

As they say, the human brain acts like a muscle. So it is important to stimulate it daily. Doing brain exercises helps the brain to develop. With a combination of colors, light or specific patterns, you can build up your brain. Thus, to test your intelligence, there is nothing like visual challenges.

Indeed, intelligence is not only limited to the amount of knowledge we have accumulated. It is also measured by the speed with which we think, analyze, and react to a situation. It's a good thing because today we are offering you a very difficult visual test. It's about finding three rabbits on the image we propose.

A game that consists in finding three rabbits on a picture

Here we show you a picture where you can see a tree. But this is not an abstract image or a work of art but a visual test. Indeed, if we look closely, we can distinguish animals on it. The created by the branches makes it possible to see several rabbits.

Also, the objective of the game is to find the three rabbits on the picture. So far, anyone can do it. However, the difficulty lies mainly in the time allowed to find these animals. Indeed, you have only 7 seconds, watch in hand, to distinguish them among the branches. So are you ready? Let's go!

The solution of the game!

One thing is for sure, this is a rather difficult test. In fact, many adults did not manage to do it in the allotted time. To give you a hint, if you noticed, some of the leaves form the eyes of the rabbits. In any case, if you succeeded, it proves that you are very intelligent. For those who didn't succeed, it doesn't matter, because the optical illusion is made to perfectly hide the animals in question.

Indeed, finding three rabbits on the picture requires a rather unusual concentration. So, here is the solution to this visual test. The first rabbit is on all fours on the left side, at the top of the tree. Then, on the right side just below, the second rabbit is standing on two legs. Finally, the third rabbit is on the left side of the tree, near the ground.