Five superfoods that promote weight loss (and are delicious)

Lately, the term “superfood” has become commonplace in the field of . Although we tend to call foods that are trendy, such as kale, chia seeds, etc., the truth is that there are products that have been with us forever and have great properties for the body, although they are much less known.

In any case, a “superfood” is a product that provides and , is rich in nutrients and contains antioxidant properties. But in addition to all of this, foods that meet all of these requirements are almost always excellent slimming tools, as they are a very important part of any .

Actually, the term “superfood” is closer to marketing than to medicine and nutrition, but it is always good to know which foods are particularly recommended for our body. That's why we've compiled a list of five superfoods that are great for and also very tasty.

Superfoods” for weight loss

A 2014 study reported by Medical News Today reveals that “eating nutritious, appetite-satisfying foods is an important strategy for helping people stick to a long-term weight control eating plan.” In other words, it's not about dieting for a set period of time, but about establishing healthy eating habits that last over time.

Add these foods to your daily diet for long-term weight loss

One of the foods that cannot be missing in a weight loss plan is fruit. The huge variety that exists in the world allows us to choose the one we like the most, although it is true that each of them has certain properties. For example, citrus fruits such as oranges are rich in , vitamin C and folic acid; berries are also rich in fiber, vitamins C and K and potassium; and apples have antioxidant properties thanks to their flavonoids and polyphenols, but are also rich in vitamins B and C and minerals such as calcium.

Beans are another superfood that should be part of our regular diet; they can be (when the pod is edible) or legumes, when they are dried beans. But in all its varieties, it is a food with great properties because it provides large amounts of protein and fiber, as well as minerals such as sodium and magnesium. And let's not talk about its flavor: both in stews and in salads, it is spectacular.

For many people, dairy products are a part of everyday life. Yet, the properties of milk, yogurt, etc. are very important, especially with regard to the vitamin D and calcium they provide. In addition, a 2016 study showed that yogurt has unique properties that help control hunger, increasing satiety and reducing food intake.

The importance of eating well

While there are many foods with exceptional properties, the fifth and final group of superfoods for weight loss that we recommend is fish containing omega-3 fatty acids. Fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel contain healthy fats that not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but also help lower cholesterol and promote weight loss. Not to mention that they taste great when cooked in a variety of ways.

But, as we said at the beginning, it's not about eating these foods for a certain period of time, but adding them to our diet to achieve the long-term goal: losing weight. Strict diets lead us to give up soon after we start. By turning a into a healthy habit, we will have taken a big step towards the body we want.

Superfoods such as whole grains, nuts and seeds are perfect for those trying to . Instead of a sweet dessert, for example, it may be worthwhile to choose a low-fat yogurt with natural fruit.

Consider replacing caloric desserts with options such as skim milk products and fruit.

People who embark on miracle diets to lose weight quickly end up giving up sooner than expected. But by adding these healthy foods to our daily diet, we are taking a step in the right direction to lose weight long-term and keep it off.

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