Forbidden sex in space: unsuspected dangers revealed

Vacations on another planet could be the future of tourism, but a new article warns of the associated with “uncontrolled ” and the sexual problems that could arise in this new environment.

Love in the stars: caution, danger!

Space tourism is booming, and projects are multiplying to make science fiction a reality. However, many challenges remain to ensure the and of space travelers. Among these challenges, the issue of sexuality and human in an extraterrestrial environment has become a concern.

A new challenge for future space tourists

For individuals living in temporary space communities, cohabitation will be quite different from what they know on Earth. They will not only have to learn to negotiate the practical aspects of living in a community, but also deal with emotions such as and physiological aspects such as sexuality.

The risks of conceiving in space

A recent article published in the academic journal Zenodo alerts on the potential dangers of sexuality in space. The main problem is related to the risk of conception outside of Earth. “Our knowledge of the effects of space environments on human reproduction and the long-term consequences for offspring is very limited,” the researchers warn.

The unintended consequences of space design

The possible consequences of conception in space could be biological, such as abnormalities in the development of human offspring, but also social and commercial, such as litigation, reputational damage, or economic loss.

The inefficiency of contraceptives in space

Contraceptives may be ineffective in space, due to physical and chemical factors related to microgravity and the extraterrestrial environment. “An obvious concern is the lack of studies or validation of the effectiveness of contraceptive methods in a space environment,” the study points out.

How do we ensure the protection of space travelers?

The research team suggests to inform the participants before the flight and to make them sign a legal release indicating that they are “the only ones responsible for the consequences of the conception during the space flight or shortly after” . However, in the face of uncertainties, it might be preferable to ban sex in space altogether.

Space travel: a dream within reach?

As space becomes more and more accessible, thanks in part to entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, it is crucial to consider all aspects of human life in this uncharted environment. The question of sexuality and procreation must be treated seriously to ensure the safety and well-being of future space tourists. In the meantime, it seems that celibacy in space is the best option to avoid the unsuspected dangers associated with love among the stars.

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