Four innovative ways to recycle your egg cartons this summer

With in full swing, manual activities take on a special importance. They fill free time, offer new learning opportunities and, above all, are part of a wider movement to respect the environment.

Among the objects we regularly throw away, cardboard cartons can be reused in inventive ways. Here are four to give new life to this everyday waste.

Turn your egg carton into a miniature garden

Who said was a complex activity? With a simple egg carton, you can start sowing your own seeds and enjoy the beauty of nature. “The size and material of these boxes are perfect for seeds to take shape with proper care. All you need to do is divide the box in half, make small holes in the bottom of each compartment and fill them with soil. Once you've sown your seeds and covered them with soil, simply water regularly and wait for your to germinate.

Thanks to this tip, you can turn an everyday waste product into a useful tool for your garden, while learning the basics of gardening.

Make a bird feeder from an egg carton

Helping the animals with whom we share our environment is always a good idea. A cardboard egg carton can easily be transformed into a bird feeder. Simply cut off the top of the box, cut holes in the corners, thread through and hang from a window or tree. All that's left to do is fill the compartments with seeds and wait for the birds to discover it.

An egg box for optimal organization

Egg cartons aren't just useful, they can also be aesthetically pleasing. By painting them with acrylic, you can turn them into elegant organizers. Whether it's , hair accessories or office supplies, they offer compact, practical storage space.

Turn an egg carton into an organizing gem that makes an elegant statement on your desk.

The egg carton, an unexpected camping ally

Surprising but true, egg cartons can be very useful when camping. Their carton is perfect for starting a fire. Simply fill each compartment with dryer lint, wood shavings or absorbent cotton, then set fire to it.

Recycling goes far beyond simply separating our waste and throwing it into the right container. Sometimes we can give new life to what we would normally throw away. Cardboard egg cartons, often underestimated, offer many possibilities for reuse. So, the next time you finish an egg carton, consider these tips before you throw it away.

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