From Track to OnlyFans: Meet the Racer Who Left It All Behind and Is Now Ready to Race Again

driver and model Renee Gracie is looking to film a about sexism on the track.

More and more athletes and former athletes are joining the world of OnlyFans, with the aim of generating more financial resources.

In fact, many of the female athletes who are starting out on the adult content platform are earning more dollars than in their own discipline.

Renee Gracie, the rider who left the slopes for OnlyFans

Such is the case of Renee Gracie, a pilot who opted to leave the tracks to make a as a model on the app.

And it is that the young Australian abandoned the cars, in 2019, to reach the British-origin application, where she earns monthly incomes of up to six figures.

Seeking to record a documentary

However, the girl, 28, is willing to return to racing; in fact, she has as a project to record a documentary of her return.

The Oceania native was part of the Aussie Racing Cars, Porsche Carrera Cup Australia and V8 Supercars, as well as racing a couple of times in the Bathurst 1000.

Although her career was on the rise, the girl opted to leave the tracks, due to the economic inequality she faced because of her gender and the harmful environment she faced.

But now, after succeeding on OnlyFans, Gracie will be filming a documentary of her return to racing.

She will talk about sexism on the track

The project will be produced by Stan Sort and will be called “Revealed: Renee Gracie,” in which the model wants to talk about the obstacles that women have to overcome and the machismo that abounds in this sport.

Now that she has opted to return to the slopes, Renee hopes to get a wildcard for a local competition, which will be held October 5-8.

I had to constantly prove myself as a woman. I had to deal with negative comments, many more than the guys were getting. Being in a male-dominated sport and in a negative environment, most of the time, unfortunately, I got to a point where I lost my passion.

And I wanted to quit. My mental state was terrible, I was depressed, sad and I hated where I was,” the model and rider confessed.

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