Gardening Magic: Transform Your Garden into an Enchanting Place with These 8 Beautiful Winter Flowers

For some , it is not necessary to wait for spring to bloom. There are what we call winter flowers. Indeed, with proper care, they can display their charms despite the cold. Discover below the list of some species of that bloom during the winter period.

The list of winter flowers to bring cheer and color to your home

The Christmas cactus

The Schlumbergera, from its botanical name, is a fat plant that blooms in winter. The cold weather is certainly beneficial, but it will need to be well cared for.

It will offer beautiful red or pink or purple flowers. The preparation to the blooming must begin in October. Indeed, it must be placed at a temperature of 10°C and exposed to the sun for eight hours a day.

Then, in November, place the plant in a warmer place and don't forget to water more often. You will be rewarded in December with a pretty Christmas cactus flower.


This plant is a festive plant that symbolizes Christmas. Also called “Star of Bethlehem”, it blooms in winter and offers sublime red flowers. Moreover, it does not require much maintenance. You only need to keep it at room temperature and water it every other day.

On the other hand, note that the poinsettia is a poisonous plant. It will be necessary to know how to handle it well and to keep it far from and domestic animals.

The African violet or Saintpaulia

The African violet is a hybrid plant and provides pretty purple flowers and yellow stamens. It is perfect as a houseplant. To enjoy this winter flower, place away from drafts and near a radiator.

It will bloom much better at room temperature and water it once a week. However, it is necessary to do it with more . Its leaves are very sensitive to water.

Winter flowers: The Camellia

It is one of the winter flowers of Asia. It is distinguished for its flowers sometimes red, pink, white or yellow. To obtain beautiful flowers during the winter season, it will be necessary to plant it in an acid and slightly wet soil. Also think of a frequent watering.

Moreover, for an attractive bloom, it is better to protect it from the sun and strong source of heat.

The Cyclamen

Its tone sometimes dark or sometimes is a magnificent plant for the interior. It embellishes any room of the house with its green and fleshy foliage.

At the time of the bloom, position it in a cold place to avoid that these purple flowers fade. Keep it out of the sun and water it with a saucer under the pot.


The Chrysanthemum, also known as the “Daisy of the Dead”, blooms from autumn until December. To enjoy the cheerfulness and good humor it exudes, remember to water the soil when dry. Avoid getting the flowers wet and remove those that are fading.

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