Gentlemen, do you urinate standing up? Science has something to say about that!

An eternal dilemma has taken the men's bathroom by storm: do you urinate standing up or sitting down? It's time to lift the veil on this conundrum with the uplifting input of science. You might be surprised!

A question of habit or health?

There's a widespread belief that urinating sitting down is less masculine. However, in some countries, the majority of people with penises practice this position. In general, the younger men are, the more they prefer to sit. But what's really good for your ? The answer may surprise you. Urinating sitting down is considered healthier, according to renowned urologist Gerald Collins.

In a recent study by data analysis company YouGov, men from 13 countries were asked about their preference for urinating. The results reveal that the country with the strongest preference for urinating standing up is Singapore, closely followed by Mexico. Conversely, in Germany, most men prefer to do it sitting down.

The urination position: a matter of age?

According to Collins, when urinating standing up, the pelvic muscles tense, making it difficult to empty the bladder completely. In young people, this is not a major problem. However, with age, the increase, particularly in the case of prostate enlargement.

The prostate is a gland that produces part of the liquid that accompanies sperm in the semen. It surrounds the urethra, through which the substance and urine are excreted.

Prostate enlargement, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a common condition in the elderly.

It is not associated with , nor does it increase the risk of its occurrence. It affects around 90% of men over the age of 80. What is the link with the way I urinate, standing or sitting?

Complications of standing urination

The answer lies in the fact that people suffering from this condition often feel the need to urinate, but find it difficult to do so. They find it difficult both to start and to finish, because it's hard to empty the bladder completely. And, as we mentioned earlier, urinating standing up makes this task more complicated, doubling the difficulty.

Standing can also increase the risk of urinary tract infections. These infections are much more common in people with vaginas, due to the less upright shape of their urinary ducts, which favours the accumulation of bacteria.

Why urinate sitting down?

Nevertheless, even with straight ducts, if the bladder is not properly emptied, bacteria can also accumulate, which can increase cases of infection.

For all these reasons, this specialist and many other scientists recommend urinating sitting down. And let's not forget the factor. After all, who hasn't left a few drops outside the bowl when urinating standing up?

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