Goblin-timacy: The Hot New Dating Trend That Promises No-Holds-Barred Fun!

Another new trend ending in ing that we'll have to watch, for the well-being of our couples.

Here is the latest addition to the lexicon of love language. We've had monkey-barring, this trend that highlights the double game of some singles (who are in fact not really), benching or ghosting (hard). Good news this time, we're talking about a new approach that won't make us take a break from our search for love. This trend really makes us want to get started.

Goblin-timacy: it's a bit like coming as you are from dating apps

This new dating trend, with its unusual name, promises to shake up the world of web dating applications. But what the hell does it consist of ???? It is in fact a rather direct approach to dating, based on showing yourself as you are with all your strengths and weaknesses. An approach is much more honest that allows dating app users to get a more accurate (and true) idea of the person they are interacting with.

The trend stems from the phrase “Goblin Mode” , named “Word of the Year” by the Oxford English Dictionary for 2022, voted by 93% of the (mostly British) public. The term refers to “a type of highly self-indulgent, lazy, sloppy, or greedy behavior typical of a person who rejects social norms or expectations.”

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In concrete terms, think back to a lazy night, slumped on your couch still in your pajamas after watching a full season of your favorite show and hesitating between letting it go on or making yourself a bowl of chips for dinner… You're certainly visualizing the scene (and maybe planning to do it again). Well, you've done it in Goblin-timacy. The Goblin-timacy trend is all about embracing our true personalities (which we are often ashamed of) by putting them on our search profile. As if to say: this is who I am, and there's nothing wrong with that.

A trend that brings us back to confinements

It's no coincidence that this trend emerged precisely during times of global pandemics. When the impossibility of leaving home quickly extinguished our desire to dress up to show off our best outfits or to become adept at “no bra“. After two years of not going out, we adopted an effortless attitude. Goblin-timacy is likely to be significant in a new approach to dating, with more authenticity. In fact, this trend was predicted by the dating app Badoo. After more than three quarters (76%) of singles surveyed said in a study that they felt more comfortable with “casual” and friendly encounters, rather than with those we were used to before the lock-in. In addition, four out of five study participants (82%) said they made it a priority to show their “real self” when dating, rather than playing a role to impress a potential partner.