Google MusicLM revolutionizes the music industry by creating songs from simple lyrics!

It is now possible to create songs using the MusicLM AI, developed by . This technology offers users the ability to produce melodies simply by typing a descriptive phrase.

MusicLM then generates two song options for the user to choose the one they like best. The interface is simple and intuitive, with a fill-in-the-blank text field to enter instructions and an audio player that allows users to listen to the songs produced.

This is how MusicLM creates songs using AI

MusicLM has been trained on over 280,000 hours of music. The AI is able to create songs that range from a meditative melody to a danceable reggaeton and house fusion, with consistent 24 kHz audio quality. Some of MusicLM's most interesting features include the ability to create songs from a description of a famous piece of art, as well as creating short tracks with instruments that can be edited into a more complex melody.

Google works with musicians and sound engineers to improve MusicLM

Google has been gathering artists and professionals to improve MusicLM with their feedback. The company also sought to facilitate with content creators by avoiding training AI models from copyrighted works. This initiative shows Google's willingness to work collaboratively with content creators to improve their experience using AI in their creative process.

How to try MusicLM

MusicLM is available on the web, iOS and . However, the tool is not yet available in all countries and requires registration on a waiting list to be used. Using MusicLM AI, users can easily and intuitively create their own melodies by simply entering a description. This technology was developed to facilitate the of musical creations using AI, offering a creative alternative that enhances users' imagination and passion.

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