Google revolutionizes programming: Bard now allows you to code without the fuss!

If you're an avid web development enthusiast, you'll be pleased to know that has added a highly requested feature to its AI chatbot Bard. According to Google's blog post, the tool is now capable of generating, correcting and explaining code in more than 20 programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, C ++, Go, TypeScript and Java.

The tech giant has added new features to help beginners learn to code, as well as professional developers looking to optimize their workflow. An interesting feature of this new Bard feature is that it also allows exporting code written in Python directly to Google Colab, the programming platform directly from a web browser.

Minimal effort for high efficiency

With the addition of this code generation and correction feature, Bard will be a valuable tool for beginning developers looking to learn. The platform allows its users to enter their own code into the chatbot and ask it to find ways to make it faster or more efficient. It's also possible to ask it to explain the meaning of a particular piece of code or to help you fix bugs. This new feature is a great addition for developers looking to optimize their workflow.

Google always advises you to be careful

Google cautioned users, however, that this new feature of their generative AI was far from perfect. “When it comes to programming, Bard can give you functional code that doesn't produce the desired result, or suboptimal or incomplete code. Always check Bard's responses and carefully and review the code for bugs, flaws and vulnerabilities before relying on it,” Google explained. Bard will probably be compared to and 's programming capabilities in the coming days, but it becomes a useful tool to impress your friends with efficient and faster programming.

The programming reference

With this latest update, Google positions itself as a reference in programming. Bard makes it easy to learn programming for all levels and is able to significantly reduce the time spent in coding. This solution is especially useful for developers who work on complex projects and need quick help. It is that Google will continue to invest in this area and will offer new features to optimize workflows. Remember that it is always important to carefully check code for bugs, flaws and vulnerabilities before using it on projects.

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