Google’s CEO reveals his revolutionary technique for resting without sleeping

As a result of our hyper-connected, over-stimulated society, stress and anxiety have become the daily bread of much of the population. Add to this a demanding job or ineffective social , and you've got the perfect Molotov cocktail.

For many high-level workers, stress is part of their daily routine. For this reason, they must learn to manage it in the short time they have available, so that it doesn't condition their lives or, rather, direct them.

And what does this technique consist of? Similar to hypnosis or meditation, its origins lie in Nidra, with which it is possible to calm the body and mind, helping the person to achieve greater concentration.

In this way, he manages to escape from the outside world and leave his mind empty, chasing away any negative thoughts or worries.

Step by step

For this technique, you don't need to be a great professional or have any experience of meditation. Simply lie on the floor on your back and follow the instructions of an instructor, who may be with you virtually or in person.

If we want to carry it out well, we need to look for points of tension, concentrate on breathing and pay attention to different parts of the body. With this, we give our mind something to distract itself from the rest of the stimuli.

With this method, we can slow down our heart rate and switch from beta brain waves, associated with an active mind, to alpha waves, which correspond to a more relaxed brain state. Here's one of many YouTube videos using this technique:

All the benefits

Like meditation or mindfulness, NSDR has many benefits related to moods, managing emotions and approaching daily life.

  • It provides physical and mental rest: it allows us to slow down.
  • Reduces stress: deep breathing, integrated into this technique, reduces anxiety and improves mood.
  • Improves cognitive functioning: an excellent strategy for increasing productivity and performance at work.
  • Improves and motivation: due to the increase in dopamine and the generation of theta waves (associated with creativity).
  • Useful for combating : helps control the body and mind and manage the ability to relax.


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