GPT-5 : Everything we know about the next major update to ChatGPT

While it's true that the GPT-4 version was released only a few weeks ago, the internet and social networks are already thinking about how , the popular chatbot with (AI), will be upgraded to the GPT-5 version.

The Computer Today website cites a report from BGR, detailing some rumors and speculation, i.e. nothing official, about what's next for the platform.

The text adds tweets from developer Siqi Chen, who mentions that , the big player in the industry, would complete the GPT-5 formation by the end of 2023.

Chen mentions the term AGI, which is short for Artificial General Intelligence, which GPT-5 could achieve. If so, this would mean that the chatbot would reach the understanding and intelligence of humans.

In addition, a Morgan Stanley business research paper suggests that ChatGPT could be a source of financial and business expansion for NVIDIA, which is apparently preparing to use more than 25,000 of the brand's GPUs to train the GPT-5 model.

September or October, the key months

GPT-5 would represent a significant advance, but it is not how much of an advance it would be. But reaching a “human level” is more than promising. OpenAI has not yet confirmed the development of the new ChatGPT update.

The company may release the ChatGPT update as soon as it becomes available, perhaps in September or October, as it did with the GPT-4 update.

This is a clear indication that the leaders in artificial intelligence have no intention of slowing down the speed at which they are developing it. Interestingly, in recent days, it has been reported that major businessmen such as and other personalities have signed a petition calling for a six-month halt in the advancement of the technology.

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