GPT-5 is almost here – when will it come out and reach the level of general artificial intelligence?

Expectations around the arrival of General (GAI) are rising, but will GPT-5, the next version of the popular Chatbot, manage to reach it?

Whether general artificial intelligence will be achieved remains a mystery, but many experts are beginning to speculate that GPT-5 may be able to achieve it.

When can we expect GPT-5 to launch?

Although has not yet made an official announcement regarding the GPT-5, some rumors suggest that its launch could take place in 2024. However, it should be noted that all of this information is speculative, as the company has not yet begun training this model. In addition, most experts believe that it will still be a long time before reaching AGI, which is expected to be in 2032 according to the Metaculus.Metaculus forecasters' survey.

The expected improvements with GPT-5

Despite this, it is possible that GPT-5 will offer significant improvements in natural language understanding, which could lead to even more accurate and consistent results in a variety of natural language processing tasks compared to the already successful GPT-4.

It is also expected to reduce the amount of training data required for the model and improve its energy and processing efficiency. This could make it more accessible on various platforms and devices.

GPT-5 and ChatGPT Plus

For now, GPT-3.5 is available in , while GPT-4 is reserved for ChatGPT Plus. It can be assumed that GPT-5 will be available on ChatGPT Plus first.

GPT-5 and general artificial intelligence

Although some experts believe that GPT-5 could achieve AGI, this is still a very remote possibility. Many technical hurdles must be overcome before it becomes a reality. Will GPT-5 represent a major step towards achieving AGI? Only time will tell.

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