Grandma’s trick for removing oil stains permanently and effortlessly

Removing an oil stain can be tricky, because grease and water repel each other. In fact, scrubbing with soapy water usually doesn't work. Here's the effective tip to use

I'm sure this has happened to you more than once. You cook something at a high temperature and the oil splashes onto your clothes, leaving a stain that is very difficult to remove. The normal solution is to put the garment in the washing machine, but that may not be enough because the stain keeps coming back.

For the stain to disappear permanently, it must be treated as soon as possible. The question is: how to do it? Well, with a very quick and simple trick that has been used for generations. You just have to use two products that are easily found.

The main thing: act as fast as possible

When removing oil stains from clothing, the most important thing is to act as quickly as possible. This will prevent the stain from spreading and becoming embedded deeper and deeper into the fabric. Also, if the stain dries, it will be much harder for the dirt to disappear.

Therefore, as soon as the garment is stained, the first thing to do is to take an absorbent paper and wipe the stain by placing it on it, without rubbing, so that the stain does not spread.

Immediately afterwards, it is recommended to use vinegar, one of the most well-known and traditional household products. The product is applied directly to the stain and left to act before being put in the washing machine or washed by hand. You can also mix vinegar with to create a paste that you can rub directly into the stain. Then rinse the garment with water.

Use vinegar or lemon juice to completely remove oil stains from clothing.

If the smell of vinegar is too strong and you don't want to use it, you can use a lemon. Simply squeeze it and use some of the juice to apply directly to the stain, before rinsing it with water and putting it in the washing machine to finish cleaning the garment.

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