Grimes shocks the music world by letting AI take control of his voice

Known for being an experimental music icon and having two children with , Grimes has a different stance from the art and consumer community when it comes to the use of in music.

Indeed, she recently declared that she would share 50% of the royalties of any song generated by the AI using her voice and having success. She also stated that users would be able to use her voice freely without any sanction, as she has no record company or legal obligations.

Artificial intelligence in the age of massive content consumption

Grimes isn't the first to use AI in music. In 2021, Holly Hernon launched her Holly Plus platform, which generates music from her voice. AI-created songs are becoming increasingly popular on , where Ariana Grande, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have been used to generate content. However, this raises copyright and AI issues, which have been closely examined by Universal Music Group.

A new threat on the horizon?

Voice cloning and the use of artists' voices to train AIs are threats to the music industry, but also to the film industry, where the first AIs capable of revolutionizing dubbing have appeared. If large companies continue to exploit actors' voices without compensation or notice, it could lead to problems in the future.

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