Harvard University’s 5 keys to slimming down without trying too hard

doesn't have to be a big effort. If you don't have the time or inclination to go to the gym, the solution is to walk.

It's a simple, accessible and safe daily exercise that helps to break the sedentary lifestyle we're all used to today. It also helps reduce the incidence of coronary , diabetes, colon and by 6-10%.

However, if the goal is to , this habit can help us (and a lot). According to a study published by the Harvard Medical SchoolA person weighing 56 kg will burn about 107 kcal by walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. A 70 kg person will lose 133 kcal and an 85 kg person 159 kcal. If the pace is vigorous, the first will burn 135 calories, the second 175 and the third 189 kcal.

For this to be effective, experts from Harvard University explained in Walking for Health How to make the most of every walk to lose weight quickly and effectively. To do this, they gave a series of for losing weight by walking, while improving your physical and .

The 5 recommendations of Harvard

The first of these is to increase the body weight, about 15%, to burn 12% more calories, according to the prestigious university. This can be achieved by using ankle weights or a weighted vest. As for the second suggestion, it is to increase the caloric expenditure by walking uphill, because walking uphill can burn 13% more calories … and without needing, this time, to gain weight.

The third piece of advice from the Harvard experts is to modify the walking speed to increase the effort. However, the gait should be modified without running. As for the ideal time to walk, it is preferable to do it after dinner, because digestion is less heavy and blood sugar is lowered. This avoids storing glucose as fat and thus gaining weight. This is the fourth recommendation.

Climbing hills, changing gears or walking after dinner will help you lose weight.

Harvard's latest recommendation is to combine walking with resistance exercise. This will increase your strength, which will greatly help you increase your caloric expenditure and therefore lose weight.

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