Here are the most common reasons for this trend among men

is a very complex feeling, full of circumstances and moments that can lead to unexpected turns.

For one reason or another, break-ups can occur in a couple, which in some cases last forever and, in others, these two people get back together after more or less time. If you find yourself going through a difficult period after being left by a man and you're wondering whether your ex will come back, you should know that, despite the fact that there are no guarantees in the field of love, there are a series of signs that will let you know whether there's a chance of rekindling the relationship. We bring you the three reasons why men keep coming back.

The importance of the first break

A key point to determine before giving an ex-partner a second chance concerns the reason for the first break-up. The reason should be known, and it's important to remember it by making a list that includes all the reasons that at the time drove you both to part ways, as well as who left whom.

In addition to being about the causes of the break-up, the reasons that drive us to give it a new opportunity must also be exhaustively assessed. Among the reasons for break-ups, there are soluble and insoluble reasons, aspects for which there is a solution and there can be a change and others which at the time could no longer be solved and for which there is nothing to be done, cases where there is no You must under no circumstances give him another chance. Therefore, you must always think before you act, even in the area of love and feelings.

Maturity and self-improvement

Similarly, there are more reasons why men keep coming back, which also have to do with improving themselves and their own maturity.

On the one hand, if you and he have experienced personal development and growth, along with being able to reflect on past mistakes, it's very possible that your ex will think he's ready to resume the relationship, a decision you'll have to be the one to make. In doing so, don't forget to think about the pain this could cause you and the reasons that led you to part ways.

Likewise, you'll need to assess their possible change in attitudes and behaviors that have been causing problems in your relationship. If you find that there is a commitment or evidence on their part that they will improve and put everything on their side to make things work this time.

Source of emotional connection and other feelings

Men often return for different reasons, one of which has to do with a strong emotional connection and other unfinished feelings they need to heal. In this sense, there are two aspects to evaluate, such as:

  • Desire and nostalgia: that ex-partner who continues to show some kind of sign indicating desire or nostalgia for times spent together in the past, is because deep down, he feels the need to enjoy them again. However, don't assume that this person wants to come back forever, or even that they've changed, as they may simply want to have fun with you.
  • Continued : if your ex continues to maintain constant communication with you, even if your relationship is over this means that he or she still maintains a great connection on an emotional level or a lot of attachment. Therefore, you need to be very attentive to any kind of signal. What's more, you need to be very careful, because sometimes these previous couples keep talking to you to avoid their pain, but they prevent you from leaving their lives, and without the relationship resuming, wasting both your time.

Opportunity for a reunion

There are other reasons why you might want to join them again. One of them has to do with proximity and frequency of encounters. And that is that in the case that you have social circles that you share, that you are work colleagues or that you carry out some type of common activity, it is quite possible that this closeness can awaken past feelings, especially if he sees that you have made a lot of changes in your life or that you have managed to continue your life and even move forward in certain aspects already far from there.

On the other hand, emotional availability offers the possibility of the being producing a new encounter. If you're both single and emotionally available, the fact that a reunion can take place will make it likely that your ex will keep looking for you.

Once these three reasons why men keep coming back have been taken into account, it's worth bearing in mind that returning to a past relationship can provoke mixed emotions, and each situation needs to be carefully evaluated before making any major decisions in this regard.

Aunque con estas tres señales puedes llevar a pensar en que es posible una reconciliación, no será así en todos los casos, ya que cada situación y cada relación es única y no existe ningún truco de magia que pueda solventar todos los problemas y hacer que triunfe l'amour.

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