Here’s what a ‘time traveler’ from the future predicts 10 days from ‘alien invasion’

Space illustration with moon and planet in space

Videos from a user claiming to come from the future, in which he warns of catastrophes and alien invasions, have gone viral. Ten days left for one of his predictions.

A TikTok user, who claims to have traveled in time since the year 2671, has gone viral by posting numerous videos in which he predicts alleged events that he claims will take place during this year 2023, which he says will be plagued by catastrophes and historical events. He already has more than 300,000 followers on this social network, and some of his videos have millions of views. As he has explained, aliens have been preparing since last year for the “Earth War”, and have already infiltrated the governments of our planet.

This user, with the name @radianttimetraveler, says that he has traveled to this time because the period 2021-2025 leads to very dark times, and he hopes to change by warning of impending events that will shake the foundations of our society. One of the most important dates in his predictions is just around the corner, as he assures that on March 23rd another alien known as ‘The Champion' will select 8,000 chosen ones to take them to another habitable planet and there are only ten days left to check it out.

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In this way, this alien ally will save humanity, allowing our civilization to be reborn and not succumb to the hostile invaders who are about to openly declare war on us. As if that were not enough, he has also predicted that on the same day scientists will find the remains of an ancient species in the Mariana Trench.

2023, the year of catastrophes

In another more recent video, the alleged time traveler warns that 2023 will be remembered as the worst year in history in terms of natural disasters. According to his account, on April 20 a huge tornado will destroy the US city of Tulsa, on May 15 a “megatsunami” will have devastating effects in , on June 12 a 9.5 magnitude earthquake will cause a crack to open in the Earth and species thought to be extinct to reappear, on September 4 a hurricane will devastate the east coast of the , and on December 19 a lethal hailstorm will arrive that will electrocute everything it touches.

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Of course, some of the dates of his other predictions have already taken place, and it does not seem that the events he spoke of have come true. For example, he said that on December 8 a meteorite would hit the Earth, that on February 6 a wormhole would be discovered to to other galaxies, or that on March 1 the first babies between a human and a chimpanzee would be born.

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