Horoscope for Monday 17 April 2023 for each zodiac sign

Astrology: Today's Horoscope for April 17 2023, here's what you can expect: The Moon continues its transit in Pisces through tonight, aligning with Neptune and causing a need to relax, go with the flow or accept and forgive.

The Moon in Pisces is compassionate, sensitive, generous and wise at its best and non-committal or avoidant when challenged.

With the Moon enters Aries tonight and we want to start over.

We recognize our need for autonomy and initiative, and the Moon's sextile to Pluto adds determination to our quest.

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Note: Read the sections for your Sun sign and Ascendant to get a better idea of what to expect for the day. For example, if you are with an Ascendant, read the predictions for Capricorn and Aquarius.

Daily Horoscope for April 17th for each sign:

Aries Horoscope for Monday April 17 2023

Aries, although most of the day you focus on yourself, the Moon enters your sign tonight and you crave more interaction.

Doing the same thing isn't enough – you may feel a little restless if you're stuck in the same routine.

The Moon in your sign will bring you out of your shell and put you more in tune with your feelings. It's best to keep your eyes and ears open because you'll learn a lot in the process.

Later today and tomorrow you will be in a sharing mood. There may be a tendency to overdo pleasures or spending. You will do well today to avoid making too many promises.

Taurus Horoscope for April 17 2023

Taurus, the Moon continues to transit your social sector for much of the day, but later moves into the sign behind yours, in which case you will do well to pause your busy schedule.

Try to enjoy the more than two days with ambitions on the back burner. Emotionally, it's time to heal, digest, process and decompress.

Wavering with a previous belief can be discouraging, but can also motivate you to take a new path of discovery and learning.

The rigidity of thinking now will not serve you well. Keep things simple and moderate and try to discern between true desire and desire that arises from inner discontent.

Horoscope for Monday April 17 2023 for Gemini

, fulfillment today may involve using creativity to give voice to inner desire. If you are not in touch with your creativity, you may feel restless and tense.

The truth is, you are looking for a little more meaning in your life. Recognize and honor this need for the best results now. Consider that you may be pushing the envelope and others may see an opening to take advantage of your good heart.

Take care of your own light while sharing yourself reasonably with others. This is a good day for discussion and information exchange, and less strong for important launches.

Cancer Horoscope for April 17 2023

Cancer, your mood for and variety continues today, but the Moon moves up your solar chart tonight, bringing out your more serious or responsible side.

The Moon's two-day transit here is good for getting back on track. Inner turmoil later in the day is possible, though you can turn it into something positive if you make an effort.

Avoid investing too much in the promises and responses of others – people can be a little too optimistic and may shoot too high temporarily.

The key to balance is to take charge of your own happiness instead of waiting for someone else to make you happy.

Leo Horoscope for Monday, April 17 2023

Leo, a reflective mood continues today, but the desire to get out or focus on your broader goals takes over as the day progresses.

It is best to look within yourself for happiness and satisfaction, as the people around you may be enthusiastic but may not be consistent.

Taming expectations doesn't mean expecting less than respect – it means you'd better give everyone space and allow events to unfold naturally.

If expectations are too high, disappointment may follow and there is no need to prepare yourself for negative feelings. Freedom is now a key word. You have more visibility and emotional clarity.

Virgo Horoscope for April 17 2023

Virgo, the Moon continues its transit through your partnership sector, and the emphasis is on balance and harmony.

Later in the day, you begin to seek a bit more intensity. Emotions are complicated but relatively easy to channel into enjoyable activities.

Yet there may be a tendency to overdo it, and it will be important not to make promises that seem acceptable at the moment but may later turn into problems or burdens.

It is best to refrain from buying on credit or lending/borrowing, as you may be temporarily short-sighted in the current transits.

Libra Horoscope for Monday, April 17 2023

Libra, a focus on details or your work continues today, but the Moon's passage through your partnership sector tonight urges you to have more of a social life.

While events may not go exactly as planned today, you are generally in a positive mood and very little can really get you down today, except perhaps routine!

Fortunately, the energies of the day are anything but routine, so you'll probably feel a mixture of feelings and circumstances. Variety appeals to you, and seeing the world from a broad perspective satisfies you the most. Take charge of your happiness rather than waiting for someone else to fill that position.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 17 2023

, while the day contains some moody energy, you enjoy some variety today.

You continue to be attuned to your needs for leisure, play, entertainment or creativity for much of the day. But the Moon's passage through your work and health sector later tonight draws your attention to your material .

It's best to keep your plans fairly open and your expectations realistic. The only safe course today is to stay centered and avoid expecting too much from things and people. The tendency to exaggerate or even extrapolate is strong in the current transits, and keeping things moderate will serve you much better.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, April 17 2023

. You are in a “relaxed” state of mind much of the day, and that is probably for the best, as entirely new projects and commitments are not recommended, just yet.

This is a good time to get comfortable and take care of yourself if possible, but avoid overdoing it if you know you'll regret it later.

The Moon is moving into your creativity sector and you are more interested in sharing yourself with others. You may feel a bit restless as if life is asking you to do something, but you're not sure why!

Try to identify what is real and what is simply a reflection of inner discontent. Avoid starting new projects now to get the best results.

Capricorn Horoscope for April 17 2023

Capricorn, you may be busy but unfocused much of the day as the Moon completes her transit through your communications sector.

Later in the day, you crave more quiet, comfort and familiarity. Spending may not be wise today, as it is easy to go overboard.

Your tastes run into expensive or overpriced territory. You may say or promise too much.

The intention behind this is probably good, but once your current enthusiasm wears off, you may not be up to the task. Avoid major new efforts today, but have fun within reasonable limits to get the best results.

Aquarius Horoscope for Monday, April 17 2023

Aquarius, the Moon's transit through your solar second house keeps you in a pragmatic frame of mind for much of the day.

You prefer to keep the status quo, which is helpful with the current transits that seem to push you to do too much! Later in the day, things pick up.

The Moon is moving into your communications sector and your curiosity is guiding you. Conversations can be pleasant.

Social and learning opportunities emerge, but it's important today not to take things too far, and this is especially the case if you want to add new projects or responsibilities to your life.

Without even knowing it, you could be misleading others simply because you want to do more than you are really capable of handling. Letting things flow and keeping everything moderate are the keys to staying consistently and naturally happy today.

Pisces Horoscope for April 17 2023

Pisces, you continue to pay more attention to your emotional needs throughout much of the day. Do what you can to focus on activities that soothe your senses and renew your emotions.

Your feelings take over. Later in the day, you become more stable and content, more inclined to stick to familiar and comfortable settings and activities.

Still, there may be some restlessness in the air. Take note of anything you don't communicate or set in motion, as this is an excellent time for new ideas. Try to be a smart observer today and avoid jumping into something brand new.

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